​Six Reasons to Give Acupuncture a Try

​6 Reasons to Give Acupuncture a Try

I’m starting to sense the approach of autumn. Are you? Leaves are already starting to turn in my neck of the woods and the light is changing. While I’m always a little sad to see summer go, I have always enjoyed the cooler temps and crispness of the fall season.

Change in life is inevitable, and often it is very good for us. But sometimes we are so stuck and mired down in our old thoughts and behavioral patterns that change can seem impossible. That’s why we need to focus on changing on an energetic level first.

When we improve the flow of our body’s energy, we allow our hearts, minds and bodies to come back into balance. This is why I have always been a huge fan of acupuncture, because it can bring about dramatic changes in a person’s physical, mental and emotional health.

What is Acupuncture Exactly?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that has been around for thousands of years. The entire premise of this ancient practice is that a block in the flow of someone’s life energy or “qi” as it’s called, can cause all kinds of health and emotional issues.

TCM says that the human body has an invisible energy grid with over 1,000 acupuncture points called the meridian. Each of these 1,000+ meridian points are connected to a different organ system. When an acupuncturist inserts a hair-thin needle into a specific acupuncture point, the energy flow is restored, promoting relaxation and stimulating healing.

6 Amazing Benefits of Acupuncture

You probably have heard how acupuncture can help people manage chronic pain but may be surprised at some of the other benefits acupuncture offers:

1. Improved Mood

We are living through very interesting and chaotic times and many of us are feeling worn out and stressed to the max! Being in this state of mind makes it very hard to bring about positive changes in our own lives.

Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins and other chemicals that improve your mood naturally. Through regular treatments, you can begin to think more clearly and positively to make the choices and changes that improve the overall quality of your life and relationships.

2. A Better Night’s Sleep

Acupuncture is superb at helping your body produce and release the chemicals and hormones your body needs to be in balance. Many of us don’t get a good night’s sleep because our bodies are not making enough melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle, among other important functions. And when we don’t get enough quality sleep, our health can begin to deteriorate and we don’t have the energy or clarity of thought to change the things in our lives that need changing! Acupuncture restores normal production of melatonin so we can get the restorative rest we need.

3. Immune System Support

I spoke last week about the importance of finding natural ways to support our God-given immune system against Covid. A healthy immune system is going to protect you from developing other disease, including cancer!

Acupuncture is a powerful way to support your immune system. Acupuncture has been shown to not only boost your immune system but also increase healing time as well.

4. Digestive Support

Numerous studies are now pointing to acupuncture’s ability to eliminate all sorts of digestive trouble from GERD to Crohn’s Disease to IBS and more.

5. Headache Relief

Do you suffer from daily tension headaches? Do you often get debilitating migraines? Acupuncture can treat specific nerves that will completely eliminate pain, even severe pain. And the best part is, acupuncture is 100% safe and effective with no nasty side effects that typically come with common over the counter or prescription pain medications.

6. Energy Boost

Something I hear often from readers and clients I’ve personally worked with is that they know they need to make changes in their life, they WANT to make changes in their life, but they just don’t have the energy to do it. There are many different ways to get more energy into your life, and I encourage you to change your diet, drink plenty of filtered water and take more exercise.

In addition to better eating and exercise, I highly recommend acupuncture. This practice stimulates the right neural pathways, which ultimately leads to increased physical stamina and the elimination of brain fog.

This is not an exhaustive list of benefits acupuncture offers, but it gives you an idea how this ancient practice can help you on your quest to make powerful and lasting positive changes in your life.

One final word, if you are someone that doesn’t like needles, these needles really are hair-fine and you don’t feel any pain like you do with a shot you get from your doctor. So please don’t let a fear of needles stop you as these needles are different!

If you’ve had acupuncture in the past and have gotten positive results, please share with us in the comments.

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