​Money Manifesting is Easier Than You May Think

​Money Manifesting is Easier Than You May Think

Guess who found a $5 bill on her walk today! I happily donated it to the pet shelter fund. My local pet store has a container up by the register and when I went in to pick up little ZuZu’s food, I dropped it in.

But finding that money reminded me of the money manifestation journey I went on years ago. After I beat cancer, I had this feeling that I could do ANYTHING! I mean, when you’re in your early 20s and you’re told you have only months to live, and you beat cancer, you definitely feel powerful.

During my cancer battle I had read many books and articles about the fact that human beings, once they understand how powerful they were, could manifest ANYTHING they wanted in life. While I had focused my attention on manifesting good health, it was time for me to try something else. And so I put my mind and imagination to the test and began to manifest money.

It was a wild and incredibly fun journey. I found change and then bills in the oddest places. I began to have checks show up in the mail and friends that I had loaned money to YEARS before suddenly pay back that loan.

I definitely encourage you to go on your own wealth manifestation journey. Because who among us could not use MORE wealth in their life?!!

But before you get started, there are some things I want you to understand about money and about how to manifest it into your life. Once you REALLY understand these core principals about money and how to manifest it, you will be SHOCKED at how easy it is to attracts it into your life. I guarantee you will find yourself smiling and giggling all the time at how ridiculously SIMPLE it is to have money come to you from the most unexpected places.

Here’s what you MUST understand about money:

Abundance is Your God-Given Right

You may have grown up in a family that had no money and was always struggling. Most of the people you know in your life may have at one time struggled with their finances. But that does not mean that that should be the norm or expected.

None of us are born to live a life of lack. You were created out of love and an abundant life, abundance in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, is what God wants for you. He wants to bless you with abundance, you simply need to receive it.

Change Your Beliefs

What do you believe about money? Do you believe it is the root of all evil? It’s not. The LOVE of money, GREED and corruption for the sake of getting more money… THAT is evil. But money in and of itself is not.

Money makes our life easier. Money is simply a tool to help us live and become our best selves and help our family to do the same.

Feel Wealthy

Deciding you want more money in your life is a start, but how you’ll get there is by FEELING your way there. If you spent the last however many months or even years struggling, whether a little or a lot, your mind, body and spirit are used to feeling struggle. You’ve got to feel wealthy before you can be wealthy. If that seems like a tall order, then practice feeling financially secure.

What does financial security feel like to you? Are your muscles relaxed instead of tense all of the time? Feel your muscles right now, are they tense or relaxed? Relax them.

When you’re financially secure, you feel more joy because there is no stress there to take your focus. Feel joy every day. Feel it about anything. About the great lunch you just ate.About the spring bird song. About your kid’s great report card.

Being wealthy, or financially secure, means you are a calm, relaxed, joyful, energized, stable human being. Feel that way starting right now. This feeling attracts the very thing that will make you FEEL even MORE of the same!

Have the Right Expectations

As good as your imagination is, God’s is better. As creative as you are, God is more so! This means while you should absolutely EXPECT for money to start coming into your life, you SHOULD NOT determine the possible ways it could flow in.

When I was manifesting money, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the funny or completely unexpected ways money came to me. It really is like a fun hide and seek game with God. Don’t sweat the HOW of the game. Let God worry about how he will get money to you. You just expect it to come and keep your eyes, heart and mind open.

If you understand that abundance is your God-given right, change any negative beliefs you have about money, FEEL wealthy or at least financially secure RIGHT NOW, and get your expectations right, you will start to see money show up in your life and quickly.

I am so excited for your journey. Please share your experience with me if you’d like in the comments section below. I’d love to hear the strange ways money came into your life!

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