What to do when diagnosed with Cancer?

What to do when diagnosed with Cancer?

3 things to do when diagnosed with Cancer.

A wide range of emotions flow over you when you are first diagnosed with a disease. Incomprehensible feelings of fear, rage, confusion, denial, anxiety and sadness. There is a sense of loss of control in your life. It can be devastating. I know these feelings first hand.

Take Your Time

It is OK to be afraid. You have the right to be scared, to cry and scream. Do it for a little while and then sit down and start to reflect on things. This is your time – you need this time to work through the process. Do not rush into surgery the next day or start any medications or therapy until you have taken the time you need to work through this daunting process.

Take this time to explore your options. Will you go the conventional route only or will you go the alternative route. Perhaps melding both feels better to you – an Integrative approach. This is when you start your journey to becoming the CEO of your own health and healing. You are empowered by your research and knowledge, and can now work on a strategy that will be right for your mind, body and soul.

Get Support

People who love you will support your decisions. Find Doctors, health & healing experts who can give you options to work with.

Be strong and stand up for what you believe. The people who love you will want you to be pro-active in deciding what is best for you.

Do you have a good rapport with your Doctor? Is he/she giving you the support and guidance you want? Remember, you are CEO of your own health and healing, so if the relationship with your Doctor is not good you have the right to find someone else, someone who makes you feel great about yourself and will make this healing time a positive experience. Having good communication with your Doctor is so important – you must feel save and be free to ask questions and discuss any and all treatments and therapies you are interested in with her/him.

Make the Decision


  • You have the freedom to choose your medicine or your way to heal.
  • You have discussed your philosophy and choices with your Doctor and healthcare specialists. You have picked the right Doctor that will support you and encourage you with your choices.
  • You have a solid good feeling deep within you that you have made the right decision.

Remember you are now stepping out as CEO/master of your own health and healing. This is empowering.

This is when your body starts to heal.


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