4 Tips on How to Learn to Trust Yourself

Welcome to trusting yourself.

Trusting yourself – Trusting your judgment, listening to your inner world, and taking responsibility for your life is all part of becoming enlightened.

Who do you trust?

When we lose our way in life, what do we do? Do you look for someone else to take the lead? We may believe that the person we ask to take the lead knows better than we do. I can tell you from experience that when we let others decide what is best for us, you will soon realize that they DO NOT know what is best for you.

Don’t shirk your responsibilities and let others run your life. You always know best what you need. You have to trust and believe in yourself.

When we let others take over our lives, we become angry at them for telling us what to do. It never works out well.

We can always get advice from others, especially if they have experience and knowledge that can help us decide what choice to make. If their opinion doesn’t resonate with you, then move on and ask someone else.

It is paramount to trust yourself to live your best life.

Sometimes we lose trust in ourselves; we second guess ourselves and make the wrong choice. What happens when a parent or friend harshly criticizes us for making that wrong choice? I grew up with constant criticism. I had low self-esteem and didn’t make good life choices when I was younger because I never loved or trusted myself. It was a never-ending cycle that always made me feel not worthy or good enough. Cancer was my wake up call. I had to make the most significant decisions in my life on how to save my life. 

Learning to trust me and my decisions helped me build confidence, and my life became more meaningful and so much easier and enjoyable.

To trust yourself, go within and find true self-love and keep believing in you no matter what. 

4 Tips on How to Learn to Trust Yourself.

1. Be your authentic self

I remember trying to be someone else when I was young. I didn’t trust or love myself, and I thought that if I acted like a different person, I would be better off. Wrong!

When you feel insecure around other people, remember that it is okay to be yourself. Spend time with people you know and feel comfortable with until your feelings of insecurity pass. When you feel good being your authentic self, you will notice that other people will start to trust you more. It’s a great feeling.

2. Be compassionate and kind to yourself

Do things that show you how much you love yourself. Stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and keep coming back to self-love and kindness. Sit still and close your eyes – go within and listen to what are you are saying to yourself. Is it mean or kind? When you find self-love, your inner world will be positive and loving. This is when you will start building more self-confidence. 

3. Make a date with yourself

Some people find spending time with themselves challenging. You may find yourself keeping busy all day or running away from something because you don’t want to go within. Start with baby steps. Try sitting in nature for 5 or 10 minutes and breathe in and out. When thoughts of self-criticism come to mind, notice them, and let them go. Every time you do this exercise, it will feel more natural, and one day you will know what it is like to see your beautiful self and fall in love. This one-on-one time with you will help you build trust and confidence very quickly.

4. Be determined

Do you question who you are? We lack trust in ourselves when we ask questions like, “Am I good enough?” ” What if I fail?” ” What if I make a fool of myself? ” Let’s break the habit of questioning every decision we make. Believe in you. Who cares if you make a mistake. The good thing is you will learn from it and make a better choice next time.

Prue’s quote of the day: “Finding and trusting in your beautiful self is the most rewarding and loving gift you can ever give yourself.”

Love you,


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