A Day in Your Life – Fighting Loneliness

A Day in Your Life – What Does that Look Like?

I know some of us are feeling lonely. It is time for some inspiration to get you back on track to living your best life.

Did you know that before COVID-19, one in five people suffered from loneliness and isolation? I wonder what that number is today? Sadly, it will be much higher.

Research shows that feelings of loneliness can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, and many other illnesses.

Your emotional health matters.

Emotions matter more than you realize. For example: If you have cancer, you go to your Oncologist because they are the experts in cancer drugs, the physical part of cancer. Oncologists did not study nutrition, emotional health, and the mind-body connection in medical school. So, it would help if you become educated on how to heal your emotional health.

Your emotional health is the missing link to the long-term survival of any disease or disorder, so make it your quest to assume the responsibility and find a way to heal the whole of you. There is a myriad of ways, even during these unprecedented times.

The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.

—Norman Cousins

What Happens when the brain senses loneliness?

Questions arise when the brain senses loneliness. Why am I feeling this way? Why am I not loved? Why am I sad and lonely? All the negative chatter keeps coming. It is time to get creative and focus on what you can do to brighten your days.

I think we are all feeling a little lonely these days. Are you sitting at home watching TV all day? It’s time to evaluate your daily activities and thought process and find ways to engage again in life.

We know things are upside down and not normal, but we have to find a lifestyle or routine that will change our state and make us feel happy, energized and engaged.

Being social, even if it via social media, text, email, or the phone, is vitally important to your overall health, but so is being alone. Some alone, quiet time lets you listen to the magic of the whispers within.

A Day in Your Life – What Does that Look Like?

Take some time today, grab a journal or piece of paper and pen, sit quietly, and write everything down about your daily life. How are you living your life right now? Write down every aspect of your day – hour by hour and schedule in social events with people who bring you joy and uplift your spirits. Set a daily routine filled with things you love to do and tasks you have wanted to accomplish but never had time to do them.

Stop running around after everyone else and doing things you do not want to do. Do only the things that bring you bliss. I know this will be hard in the beginning, and you may even think it is selfish. PLEASE… It is NOT selfish at all. When we take care of ourselves first, we are better equipped to take care of others.

To think that putting ourselves first is being selfish is a family belief structure that started from our childhood, and it doesn’t serve us well. Let’s change our beliefs and the expression of our genes (Epigenetics), so we can heal our life.

Remember, you are the most important person in the world, and the biggest job you have right now is to love yourself.

Excessive isolation and loneliness create illness while feelings of love, care, and being supported by like-minded people lead to vibrant health.

You are the best judge of your feelings and emotions, so put a plan together to fight loneliness and emotional habits. Yes, it will take some work, but the results will be worthwhile, just like changing your diet and exercise habits will help heal your life.

Here are 10 great ideas to shatter your loneliness:

1. Go for a walk

Or, better yet, put your headset on and go for your Daily Walk & Talk.(download your gift here) Start smiling at the people you see on your walk and notice their response. You can’t be sad or feel sick and lonely when you are in gratitude.😀

When the YMCA closed down due to COVID-19, I started walking the beach daily. I began slowly, and now I walk between 5 – 7 miles a day. It has become my ritual, and I look for smiles on my walk.

2. Write out your own affirmations.

” I love and appreciate myself.” Write this out on post-it notes and stick on walls, doors and mirrors, places where you will see them throughout your day. When fighting loneliness it is essential to change your state, and this can happen in seconds with the right tools.

3. EFT

Emotional Healing Technique or Joanne Callahan’s TFT will help release negative energy. Start a daily practice.

4. Start thinking about and seeing in your mind all the people in your life who care about you.

Bring these people into a circle – your circle of love. Feel the love energy coming from your family and friends.

5. Pick up the phone and call a friend who makes you laugh and brings you joy.

Get off text messaging!! The last time I checked, we still had phones, and they ring!! Texting or emailing won’t cut it. You need to hear their voice and feel their loving energy over the phone or see their smiling face on Face Time or Zoom.

6. What are your hobbies?

Find people who love what you love and schedule the time go to a Zoom knitting class – art class – music class – book club, or an online game. I know you will find joy when you give one of these classes a try. Fighting loneliness often means going out of your comfort zone.

7. Accept that you are feeling lonely

Embrace it and curl up with a great book, or take the time to watch a show.

8. Take a hot soak in the bath with your favorite essential oil.

My favorite is lavender. Remember if you have pets that some essential oils can be toxic to animals. Especially oils like tea tree should be kept well away from your four-legged buddies.

9.Take a yoga or stretch class online.

10. Do a kind act for someone and keep it to yourself.

An anonymous act of kindness will bring you so much joy and an incredible feeling of love of self – no one else can love you as much as you can.

My Favorite book of all time: Order it here – Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel

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