Angels Can Heal Cancer – Believe it

Hello lovely you,

Yesterday at Prue’s Place Daily was about lightening up a bit and having a good belly laugh. Today we are going within and becoming mindful and reaching out to our angels because angels can heal cancer. I want you to think about your life.

As we start to wind down our week and head into the weekend let’s become mindful and take a look back over your week. Did anything change in your life? Did you have an Aha moment?

My favorite tea is steaming, little Zuzu is fed, so I’m ready to write.

As we gather our thoughts and head out on our day let’s not forget about our angels and guides. I often think about all the work I give my angels and guides to do. They never complain and some days work very long hours!

I have an invocation/prayer I say every morning. I ask my angels, guides, the holy masters, beams of love and light, my spiritual teachers and the supreme God for guidance and protection for the day ahead. I surround myself and all the people and things I love with healing peach light and thank my divine self and soul for the opportunities I have to help others and for my lovely life.

Our angels and guides are with us 24/7. They warn us of danger and help us to be mindful to listen and look. They always want the best for us and are there to support and encourage us to be hopeful, believe in ourselves and to dream big.

Angels Can Heal Cancer

Our angels and guides light up our path so we can see where we are going.

Sadly, I spent many years not knowing my angels and guides. I wasn’t sure about myself, so how could I tap into my angels and guides. Once I found them, I’ve never let go. We need their help. We need to know we are Okay and on the right road.

Listen to what your angels and guides are telling you today. What kind words or thoughts are they giving you. Feel their love radiating all around you.

Have a wonderful weekend and DO NOT get stressed out over anything. Just let it go. Breath and be this weekend.

See you back here on Monday, around the same time, the same channel!!

Prue’s quote of the day: “Sit still, breathe, and listen to the whispers coming from other worlds.”

Love you,


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