Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides.

Animals are our greatest guides. 

Life threw me a curve ball…

I dedicate this blog to my little Jaggie girl and all of our soulful animals.

Jaggie girl
Jaggie girl

Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides:

When I first moved to Boston 18 years ago, I found this tiny 4″ kitten crying on St. Botolph Street in the South End of Boston. I picked her up and took her home.

I called the local animal shelter and put up posters for 30 days just in case she belonged to someone else. The shelter said if no one claims her in 30 days then she is yours. Of course, within seconds I had fallen in love with this little cutie, so the 30-day wait was horrendous.

Jaggie became my best mate. She would wait at the door when I got home from work. Probably because I previously had dogs, so I treated her like a little dog. She came when she was called and slept in my neck every night so she could feel my heart beat. When she got bigger, she would sit right on top of me and guard me all night or put her head on the pillow beside me, and we would snuggle.

My kitty, Jaggie, was feisty and hyperactive. She would run like a nut job throughout the condo and fly up and down the stairs. A tiny little thing only 6 lbs – all muscle with a big spunky personality. She loved the South End and spent most of her days out on the roof deck overlooking the Boston skyline.

11 years ago, I moved north of the city to the seaside village of Swampscott – a bigger place for little Jaggie to run around in and a backyard with grass! When I first let her outside, I would find her over on the next door neighbor’s roof – that was all she knew! With some training and love, she soon lived in the garden and loved lying in the grass and eating from her catmint plant, alongside her water fountain where she would like to go for a drink on a hot summer day.

As of 3 months ago, Jaggie had great blood work and was still running around like a teenager then suddenly I noticed louder noises – cries that would wake me up in the middle of the night. Even though she was naturally a chatty cat, these cries were different.

A few days after I got home from the Finger Lakes, Jaggie’s little brain gave out which caused her to lose her faculties and not know where she was. She would just sit and stare into space and then fall over and cry. Her poor little legs would give out, and she couldn’t keep her food down. It was very sudden and such a shock to see her rapid decline minute by minute.

My partner Dave and I took her to the vet hoping and praying that there would be a miracle, but that wasn’t the case. The vet and I talked about options and Jaggie’s history. With her support and love, I made the decision to let Jaggie go. We had a beautiful, peaceful, loving goodbye. My holistic vet has known Jaggie for years, and she was crying with us. I got to hold Jaggie – pet her and whisper in her ear as she moved on to her new world in kitty heaven.

Right at her last breath, she gave us an amazing reassuring long purr – one that said – thank you – I love you. A moment in time I will never forget.

I got to spend her last night and day hugging her tight and talking with her out in the garden at her fountain. I got to thank her for her love and teaching me so many lessons.

My work mate just a few weeks ago.
My work mate just a few weeks ago.



To my little Jaggiegirl – Jaggieroonie – Puffy – Puffetta – Jaguar – Ms. Jaggie – Princess Jaggie – all the endearing names I called my little girl. I miss you so.

I’m so very grateful to have been graced with your love and lessons over the last 18 years. Thanks for being my soulmate and sharing your love with me.

Many blessings. RIP.




For those of us able to recognize, animals are not only our closest friends and allies but our life guides and healers as well. Jaggie taught me about unconditional love. It is a concept that humans think about and talk about, but it is a simple fact of life to our furry friends. How many times have they sought our affection and we were too busy with work or other unimportant things to spend a minute – just one single minute – loving them at that moment. And yet, no matter how busy or cranky or distant we are, they are always there waiting for us with kindness, love, and joy. THAT is love with NO conditions.

Without Jaggie’s unconditional love, I may never have had the strength to let her go. That is the biggest act of unconditional love I have ever offered in my life. I did not want to say goodbye that day, but I did because I knew it was what she needed. I know my little girl waited for me to come home so I could be there to help her with the transition.

I’m very grateful for the special time I had with Jaggie during her last moments on Earth. I told her all about Kitty heaven and to go to the white light where her angels would be waiting for her. I told her that the pain and suffering would be gone and that many friends and animals, my parents and grandparents, would be there to greet her. She sat up just enough to look me right in the eyes and put her little paw on my hand. Tears fell my cheeks. I knew that she knew, and I felt her love – she had heard every word.

Jaggie has already visited me at the house. I hear her purr and sometimes a little cry. I know she will be waiting for me when my time comes to cross over.

She was the longest live in relationship I’ve ever had! 🙂

If you have animals, give them a big hug and tell them you love them multiple times a day. Be in the moment with them.

Our pets teach us how to be in the moment – they teach us unconditional love – they are healers – they are perfect. Animals are the most spiritual loving creatures on our planet. Loving and living with them is a little slice of heaven.

Love to you all and your fur babies.

I have some home truths to share with you.

During my sadness and grief over losing my darling Jaggie, I haven’t felt like writing my blog or emails. I haven’t felt like starting any new projects.

To tell the truth, I haven’t wanted even to try to change my state to deal with the pain and sadness.

You would think with all my knowledge, study with natural tools and techniques; I would want to use them when Jaggie died. I’ve used them before to help me cope with stressful situations. I’ve used natural tools and techniques to help me when my mother suddenly died, and I had to fly 30 hours to New Zealand. I’ve used these tools to help me through 2 divorces, loss of a job and many other life challenges.

Why is this time different? I know some of you can relate.

To be continued.

I have more to share with you about why we do what we do when we know better.  🙂

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With love, passion & gratitude,


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