Are You Living or Existing?

Are You Living or Existing?

Are You Living or Existing?

I received an email over the weekend from a reader. I have received emails like this one over the years and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

The woman who sent me the email shared that she had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. In addition to feeling the familiar feelings of fear, sadness, and anger, she said she was also feeling guilt. Guilt because she had been in charge of her precious life for 48 years, and now that her life was in danger, she realized she hadn’t really been living at all. She said she had been “merely existing.”

Does this ring true for you?

When we are faced with our own mortality, it is quite common to take stock of our lives. Unfortunately, we find that we were never really living for many of us, but merely existing.

How many of us have lived for someone else? How many of us have followed someone else’s dream? How many of us have let fear get in the way of us pursuing our true passion?

Why is this so common?

Maybe some of us were never taught that we could have anything we wanted in life if we just believed and put in the effort. Perhaps some of us were never made to feel worthy of an extraordinary life. Many of us have never realized that what is really running our life, creating our lives for us, are many programs in our subconscious mind.

The Time to Start Living is NOW

Life is a precious gift from the creator. We were given our lives to make of them what we WANT and to ENJOY them. There’s no need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness to start living. The time to start living is RIGHT NOW.

If you are someone who feels like they have merely been existing…

If you’re someone full of self-doubt and confusion…

Someone who has always played it safe…

Who let career opportunities pass them by…

Who let LOVE opportunities pass them by…

Who has shied away from true intimacy with another, remained quiet when they should have had their voice be heard, and hasn’t laughed NEARLY as much as they should have…

To all of you, I say it is time to START LIVING!!!

Here are some ways you can tear down your limiting beliefs and begin creating the life you have always secretly desired:

Recognize the Programs Running

Just because a thought pops into your head doesn’t mean it’s true. And if a thought isn’t true, then there is no reason to listen or act on it.

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of us have programs running in our subconscious mind. These programs are a result of all of the ideas, opinions, and feelings of others that we have been exposed to.

Maybe your narcissistic mother made you feel unworthy of love.

Maybe a teacher made you feel you weren’t that smart.

Maybe a coworker or friend made you feel inadequate in some way.

Hmmm… I’ve experienced all of the above. How about you?

It’s time to start paying attention to the thoughts you are having. When they come into your mind, ask yourself if the thought is the truth or a lie. Look for the answer in your gut. You should get a sensation there. This is your GUT INSTINCT. It really works. So ask and wait for the answer. When the answer comes, and you FEEL a sensation in your gut, you know that answer is correct.

So, if a thought pops in that says, “You’re too old to go back to school to get your degree,” ask, “Wait, is this thought the truth or a lie?” What answer do you get? Do you feel a sensation in your stomach?

The more you go through this exercise, the more you will see just how many limiting beliefs and thoughts you’ve had over the years and how these have all been lies and internal propaganda put out by the programs running in your subconscious mind.

Allow Yourself to Feel Desire Again

When we exist instead of live, we don’t want or desire anything.

After years of denying our desires, they start to become suppressed. So much so that even a simple question of, “Where would you like to eat?” inspires ZERO answer inside of us. We simply don’t care.

It’s time to let yourself FEEL again. Let yourself start to have wants and desires again. It may take some time before you get those sparks, and that’s okay. Just be open and give yourself permission to have desire again. And I don’t just mean sexual desire, I mean, allow yourself to desire anything. And when that desire comes, follow up.

Do you desire a bubble bath? Give yourself that luxury.

Do you desire to be left alone Saturday afternoon to have some YOU time? Allow that to happen.

Do you want to take a road trip? Take it!

Prepare and Plan for Action

A life of mere existence means we let life pass us by. LIVING requires plans and it requires ACTION.

Living is not safe. It means you take risks. It means you say YES when someone asks you out on a date. It means you go for it when the opportunity for advancement at work comes up. It means you audition for your local church choir.

Prepare to LIVE, have a plan, and then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to make your dreams come true.

Taking action and creating a life worth LIVING is not easy. Existing is easy, though very painful. Be prepared to feel scared as you get out of your comfort zone.

Prue’s message for today: “Remind yourself daily that life is precious, and you are well worth living for.”


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