Be A Love Warrior

Hello Lovely You,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you missed any of the last 7-day Tips, Treats and Techniques you can check them out here.

Be A Love Warrior

Are you dreading tomorrow or looking forward to it?

What are you thankful for?

What does Thanksgiving mean to you and your family?

I wrote yesterday about “How To Avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics.” How will you cope with disagreements and augments if they happen tomorrow? How do you deal at other times in your life?

A friend of mine called me yesterday, and he was dreading Thanksgiving. He said he only attends because his mother is in her 90’s and may not see another Thanksgiving. He went on to say that every year his family argues. “We have political arguments that go on for hours.” My friend has opposite political views to his family. I’m so grateful I’m not part of that family dinner tomorrow!

Be A Love Warrior tomorrow.

If we dread going to family events or holiday dinners why do we show up? Is it because we love our family deep down inside, or is it because we feel we have to and wouldn’t live it down if we didn’t show?

Be A Love Warrior

“When you make others feel worthwhile everything changes.” Bernie Siegel

I live a couple of hours from Bernie now and have had the opportunity to meet him personally. He’s an exceptional man, and I’m honored to know him. As Bernie says, “There are no coincidences.” Sometimes I get a surprise email from Bernie and yesterday I  got a gift! Bernie sent me this…”Teach people to be love warriors.” That was it.  Short, sweet and profound. So, without further ado. Let’s make our last countdown day the most valuable one of all. Let’s become Love Warriors.

Dr. Bernie Siegel (Bernie) is a dear friend and who’s impressive life saving work helped me save my life from stage 4 cancer 3 decades ago when I was living 15,000 miles away. I found his books and a tape in the library in Perth, Australia many moons ago. Bernie taught me to love myself and made me realize I needed to change my thoughts so my body could heal. I not only healed my cancer I became a much better person, a more loving person.  Now, I live a couple of hours from Bernie and have had the opportunity to meet him personally. He’s an exceptional man, and I’m honored to know him. As Bernie says, “There are no coincidences.” Sometimes I get a surprise email from him. His emails mean the world to me. Yesterday I got a gift, Bernie sent me this…”Teach people to be love warriors.” So without further ado. Let’s make our last countdown day the most valuable of all.

Be A Love Warrior?

Love is the highest of highest vibrational energy. Love is the cornerstone of all religions and spirituality. If you want to raise your vibrational energy, you need to connect to the power of love. I’m not talking about the silly concepts around love. I’m talking about the essence of spiritual energy. I’m talking about the life force within you. That force can move mountains, heal the sick, heal your mind and body and change adverse circumstances.

Love is the best medicineLove is real.

Love is powerful.

Love is always available to you.

We have choices in life. We have the power to love or live in fear.

Have you ever felt or heard love coming from your heart? I bet you have.

When you hear love, you feel good. You do loving things for yourself and the people around you. You love your life and feel peaceful and centered. You can’t be loving unless you accept everything in your life as it is right now. And, that means all your family members who are showing up tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner! A tall order, huh!



When you wake up tomorrow, do a meditation and set the intention for a beautiful day. Listen and watch with different eyes and ears. Think kind thoughts and try to accept your family’s quirks – peculiar beliefs – political viewpoints – how they dress – what they say, whether it is appropriate or not in your book, let it go – whether they get angry or become sad, or go on complaining about their terrible life. Let it go. Can you do that tomorrow?

Be a love warrior and look with eyes of love? Listen with ears of love? Accept these people, forgive them and love them unconditionally? They are in your life for a reason. There are no coincidences!

Be a Love Warrior.

We need to acknowledge or accept the present moment before we can move on to a new life, a new relationship or situation.

Love is being able to see what is happening around you without judgment and letting it go. Love is about making people feel good about themselves. When you do, you will feel love coming back to you in copious waves of bliss.

I have been on the love warrior path for many years. It all started with the lessons I learned from dear Bernie 3 decades ago. It takes awareness and practice. It takes patience and love of self to become a love warrior. Sometimes we can do it and other times we can’t. That’s all Okay. Just do what you can at the moment. No guilt. No Blame. Just love.

I genuinely believe we can change any situation that presents itself by becoming a Love Warrior. 

I am taking a few days off from technology and some well-needed self-care. I’m also traveling next week to Kentucky for meetings. Prue’s Place Daily will be back on Wednesday, November 28. Same place. Same channel!

See you in the comment sections below. Share your thoughts with everyone and share with us your Love Warrior stories.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Be a Love Warrior.

We have so much to be grateful for.

Love you,


At Prue’s Place we are healing our lives one day at a time. Join the Love Warrior movement below.

Join us and become inspired and supported every day to stay on track to loving your life and everyone in it.

Looking for a wonderful book to heal your life? This is one of my favorites  “Love, Medicine And Miracles.” Bernie Siegel


3 Responses

    1. I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I am in healthcare so this was this first time in years I was off Thanksgiving and the day after and the weekend!

      It was spent with my husband and mother in law and her little dog. My mother in law is 91 and she is a gem. Her and my husband always get a pedicure together while her little dog gets groomed. We got her a new computer since hers died and she hasn’t been able to email, do her choir notes and play her games. She was thrilled to finally have a new one.

      While she was here she was able to meet some of my family in England via Skype which she was thrilled about. She had a visit from my sister and her family and their little dog also and that made her day. Finally her cousins daughter stopped in for a quick visit as well.

      She wanted to go shopping on Black Friday but thankfully she wanted to wait until a normal hour in the afternoon!

      It was truly an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

      I am blessed.

      Alison Hawkins

  1. Comments for my recent Prue’s Place Daily about The Mayo Clinic.

    Incredible Prue
    Yes I believe as long as there are advertising dollars to promote “drugs” the pharmaceutical industry is not going to change to natural healing even if Mayo Clinic puts it in a magazine
    Why is there an opioid crisis? Because doctors subscribed too many pain pills like oxicodonx to start with!!!
    There is no magic pill for getting healthy and people are too quick to pop a pill the minute they feel not 100%!
    Long live dr Barry Sears who changed my lifestyle and my life!
    Love Adriana

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