What the bleep can you eat when you have cancer?

Have you heard of any of these diets?

Atkins – Paleo – Weight Watches – Scarsdale – Israeli Army diet – Grapefruit Diet – Slim Fast – South Beach – Vegan – Vegetarian – Lacto-vegetarian – Fruitarian vegetarian – Lacto-ovo-vegetarian – Ovo-vegetarian, Flextarian – Living food raw diet. Pritikin – Gerson – The Zone Diet – Paleo – Ketogenic – Nutritional Ketogenic – Just to name a few!

I’ve got, to be honest with you guys, I’ve been on all of the above diets at one time or another in my life!!

I’ve always needed to watch my weight Yo-Yo up 15 pounds – Yo-Yo down 20 – up 20 – down 15, you get the picture. For as long as I can remember I’ve been on a diet. As soon as I went off whatever crazy fad diet (you know the ones that promise quick weight loss forever) I was on; the weight would come back and more of it.

It’s easier to change your religion than to change your diet and lifestyle. And the pharmaceutical companies know that only too well. That’s why every 2nd commercial on TV is a drug. They even state in the ads that if you can’t exercise or eat the right foods you need this or that drug.

Unequivocally I can say after 35 years of trying every diet on the planet that fad diets DO NOT work. You’ve got to change your lifestyle and learn how to eat in a healthy zone. We are human, and we fall off the rails from time to time. When this happens, forgive yourself and get right back at it. Remember you will feel better and live a healthier more vibrant life when you do. It’s the 80/20 rule.

How do you change your lifestyle?

I teach people in my private classes and in my program Prue’s “Save Your Life” System how to change their lifestyle to heal their lives. Unfortunately, the people I work with have serious illnesses, and many of them are struggling with medications. Did you know that sooner or later you become resistant to your drugs, and your doctor will need to give you stronger and stronger medications until one day all hell breaks loose and you have a magnitude of side effects that need even more medications. It’s band-Aid medicine. You never get to the root cause of your disease.

You’ve got to change your diet and lifestyle. Did you read that lovely you? I’ll say it louder!!

You’ve got to change your diet and lifestyle to heal your life. Losing weight can help.

No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

What the bleep do we eat?
Want to know how to make these yourself?

Cancer is a disease that responds well to raw living plant foods or steamed veggies. Vegetable juicing is great but beware. I used to swig down 10 glasses of carrot and beet juice a day and think I was doing great things for my body. I’ve since learned about the glycemic index and the glycemic load and realize green juicing with sprouts and a small amount of plant protein is best. Dr. Sears (Barry) recommends pea protein. It is the best quality vegetable protein because of the amino acid profile.

Years ago, a ridiculous diet I went on was the Israeli Army diet, which was rumored to be used by new army recruits by the Israeli Defense Forces. Really? This diet had no connection to the actual Israeli Army. Who in their right mind would be on this diet while in boot camp in the Army? I’m LOL at myself for believing this nonsense so many years ago.


The Israeli Army diet was 2 days apples, 2 days cheese, 2 days chicken, and 2 days salad. I lost 10 pounds in 8 days. All I cared about was getting into that sexy black dress for the event. It was all water weight. You can’t lose 10 pounds of fat in 8 days. Impossible my friends.

When I attended boarding school in New Zealand, I would get so upset seeing my very skinny minnie friends eating cakes, chocolates, and ice cream. You know the ones that can eat anything and everything and not put on a pound/kilo. I would just look at food and put on weight!! I bet some of you are smiling right because you can relate!

My mother’s side of the family wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination. They weren’t obese, but they weren’t thin. My father was the only svelte one in the family, and he could eat whatever he wanted. Every morning dad would put 4-heaped teaspoons of sugar in his black coffee. Even as a little girl I knew that amount of sugar wasn’t good for you so I’d get up early and make dad’s coffee – skimping on the sugar – only 2 teaspoons. After the first sip, daddy would say, “Prudie, where’s the rest of the sugar?” The next day I put 3 teaspoons, but sadly he still knew it wasn’t 4. He loved his sweets especially Chocolate Éclairs.

Unfortunately, in his late 40’s he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It would take him hours to get out of bed in the morning. I couldn’t stand to see him in so much pain. Eventually, he was put on medication and of course, continued with his 4 teaspoons of sugar in his coffee. We didn’t know anything back then about cellular inflammation, glycemic index, and glycemic load.

What I did to get well.

The Mexican cancer clinic gave me a fighting chance to stop my aggressive cancer in its tracks and give me more time to heal naturally. Treatments included: Laetrile (B17; amygdalin) – IV live cell therapy (bovine) from Germany, detoxification programs, enzymes and fish oils. I took 60 enzymes and various supplements a day to help rebuild my immune system. I rattled!

When I got home, I went to a cancer support group and met a woman in her 70’s who had cured herself of liver cancer by eating all raw living foods. She was fascinating, and one tough cookie!

Ms. Battle-Axe

Every week I would drive 2 hours out to her place in the Australian outback. (Aussie’s call it the “woop woop” – there was nothing out there but desert.) She would weigh and measure me and do PH tests – saliva and urine. When I didn’t pass the tests, she would go nuts and start yelling at me. “Do you want to live or die Prue?” She scared the heck out of me. The doctors gave me 6 months to live so I knew I was in trouble with stage 4 malignant melanoma and I didn’t want to die at 26; It was time to dig deep down inside – I knew I had to stick to her program to save my life.

From then on I referred to her as Ms. Battle-Axe! In today’s world, Ms. Battle-Axe would be up on abuse charges!! I stayed on her raw food program for 4 years and never cheated.

It wasn’t so much the scary wrath of this woman that kept me on track. It was the way I felt after 4 weeks into the program. My energy levels shot through the roof. I was getting up at 5:00 am. People who know me well know I’m NOT an early morning person! At 5:00 am I’d be out the door with my best mate – my German shepherd dog, Khan. We started out on a small walkies, which soon became a 1-mile run and then this cancer patient was running 6 miles a day I had stage 4 cancer, and I’d never felt better in my life.

  • I lost 15 pounds in a very short time and was at my perfect weight.
  • I felt fantastic.

My raw diet was based on Pritikin and Anne Wigmore’s Hippocrates that is now owned by Dr. Brian Clement – Director, Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. Brian recently endorsed my programs at Prue’s Place.

What the bleep do we eat?
This is me nearly 3 decades ago.

After 4 years eating live raw foods, Live Cell Therapy from Germany –  10cc’s intramuscularly, (I had to give the injections to myself because it was illegal for doctors to inject these cells in Australia) Intravenous Vitamin C, minerals, chelation therapy and detox programs, 4 hours of meditation and visualizing myself well every day. This combination approach saved my life.

When my doctor said, “You are in remission Prue.” I wanted to kiss the ground Ms. Battle-Axe walked on!

Remission. A word I had been dreaming of hearing for years. Wow, time to start my new life. I flew to the United States/Mexico and Europe where I studied and became certified in metabolic therapies, nutritional microscopy and holistic mind/body protocols at alternative medicine clinics. My dream was to have a clinic to help others. I brought doctors out to Australia and New Zealand for seminars and opened Australian Holistic Biologics in 1987. The media got hold of my story, and people came from all over the country to see me. We saved lives and doctors, health professionals and patients became educated.

See what other people are doing to heal their lives. 

You can heal your body

One client, I remember well, she was a woman in her late 60’s disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. This woman came to see me every week. We did the tests, and I put her on a very strict candida plant-based diet/fish oils and supplements with stress relieving meditation practice. The medications her doctor had her taking made her life miserable. She was always tired and couldn’t function. When she told her doctor about me, he said, “Why are you wasting your money on this woo-woo nonsense? You can’t cure arthritis with food and fish oils.”

After 2 months on the program she came to visit me, and as she entered my healing center, she passionately threw her medications across the room and into the trash bin. “I’m done she yelled; I feel fantastic – no pain – no medications and I’ve started running and swimming again.” Her skin was glowing, and she’d lost 5 kilos/11pounds. But wait…her doctor had the audacity to tell her she was misdiagnosed that she may not have had arthritis in the first place. Really? What a load of poppycock. Here we are 3 decades later, and still doctors don’t want you to know about the power of food and the science of Epigenetics.

My dad would have been cured if I had known what I knew in the 80’s. Sadly, he died in 1979 in a tragic accident.

“Everything in excess is opposed to nature.” ~Hippocrates

What the bleep do we eat?

Whatever you decide to eat please make sure your foods are anti-inflammatory. 100% plant-based foods and pea protein are best for cancer and inflammatory diseases. The more nourishment, polyphenols, vitamins, and nutrients with calorie restriction, rest and regular sleep the better you will heal. Your body will love you for it.

Would you put the wrong oil in your car? If you did you would be spluttering along the road, and before long a reduction in lubrication would shorten the life of your engine. Don’t eat the wrong things and shorten your life. Your life is precious.

Always remember to eat the right food. Food is the most powerful medicine on earth. So eat to live not live to eat.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates

With love, passion & gratitude,

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  1. Hi Prue, My name is Kelly Greene. stage 4 melanoma. I’m on immunotherapy, Opdivo, and doing Chris Wark/Gerson diets (but not nearly as well as I should be). My last 3 scans have been clear. The most recent was a PET and MRI – all clear. I’m worried this won’t last and my backup plan was to go to Mexico (Gerson) but then I read more about what you did and now I’m not sure what to do. In your program, do you personalize diets for your customers? Do you help recommend tests? Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks, Kelly

    1. Yes, Kelly, I do talk about diet in my course. All cancer is due to high levels of inflammation. I went on a anti-inflammatory diet and then Dr. Barry’s Sears book came out in the 90’s (New York Times Best Seller) that showed me how important it was. We had science to back up our theory. I would get the AA/EPA test done to check for levels of Inflammation. I’ve worked with many people with melanoma and they are living with the disease well. Some have reversed the disease. I’d be happy to put you in touch with them. Please email me personally at prue@pruesplace.org and I will email you more information and get you in touch with others who are healing their lives. Happy to help you in any way that I can.

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