Building The New You To Beat Cancer

Hello lovely you,

Today we are going to start building the new you to beat cancer, as we venture out together on our hike up the cancer healing mountain.

Are you ready to start building the new you?

Did you download your Worksheet and Action Plan? Here are the links again:



Please sit quietly, close your eyes, and intend your day. Say to yourself, “The answers are within me, and they will come to me with ease. So be it. So be it.”

The Worksheet above will help you dive deep into who you are – what you like and love about your life. What you want to change or let go of in your life. What makes you tick and what support and actions will be right for you to start your healing process? I’ve chosen these questions to challenge you and help you discover that wise wisdom within – your inner-genius, so you can get to the truth about your illness and to be specific on how to climb the healing mountain to change your life.

Once you have completed the Worksheet, it will be much easier to choose what you need and what will fit your lifestyle, and be sustainable in your new life.

You must change your lifestyle to heal your life and the worksheet is a great place to get to know yourself!

Where you put your attention and intention grows. Let’s keep building the new you to beat cancer.

Let’s keep climbing up the healing mountain.

Find out what things about yourself or your life you like and dislike. Write them down and take a good long look at yourself.

It is impossible to truly love yourself and change your lifestyle if you do not love and accept yourself? 

Never criticize yourself and stop the excuses: 

Do you hear yourself saying?

“I always criticize myself, so I know I will continue to do it.”

“How can I possibly like myself when I’m sick.”

“My mother or father criticized me growing up”.

Old beliefs and old chatter will not work anymore. We need to train our brain to think differently and think loving, positive thoughts.

Exercise: Go to a mirror and take a good look at your beautiful self today. What do you see? Say to yourself in the mirror, ” I truly love myself.” How does that feel? It will get easier as we keep taking baby steps up the healing mountain together.

Check this video out: The 4 things to do to heal your life

How to heal cancer naturally?











Prue’s affirmation for the day: ” I truly love and appreciate myself in everything I do.” 

See you tomorrow for more tips on how to change your life to heal your life as we keep climbing up the healing mountain together.

With love,


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