Ask Your Angels for Help

Call on Your Angels for Help.

I’m sure many of us have been glued to social media this past week, trying to make sense of the devastating fires in Maui. My heart is broken for the loss of life and for those who have lost their businesses and homes. We can’t always make sense of tragedy, but we can find evidence for divine intervention.

I recently heard about a group of 60 survivors who all sheltered in one residence. And the story of the church that was somehow spared from the flames when everything around it was burned to the ground gave me goosebumps.

I have experienced miracles and divine help and guidance throughout my life. I know my angels lifted me up during the darkest hours when I was battling cancer. I have heard countless stories and near death experiences from others who have had profound experiences and interactions with ‘loving beings of light.’

Angels are real. They are with us every second of our human lives, watching over us and helping us on our life mission. Or at least they want to be of service to us. But because we have been given the gift of free will, we must ask for that help.

Connecting to Your Angels

It’s easier than you may think to connect with your angels. If you are ready, you are about to embark on a profoundly transformative journey.

Here are the steps you can use to connect and form a relationship to your angels:

Ask for Help

Ask for help when you need it. This small step of acknowledging them is actually a big act of faith. You don’t need to belong to a certain religion or use a specific prayer to connect with these loving beings. Simply talk with them as you do your close friends.

Be Quiet and Listen

Once you have made it known to your angels that you would like to connect and seek their guidance, it’s time to get real quiet and listen. Meditation is a powerful way to clear your mind of all the noise of this world. I know many people have such a block with meditation, so I would say to simply set aside time each day to be quiet and still. This means no phone near you, no digital screens. Get outside in nature and sit and listen to the sounds around you. The more you get quiet and listen, the better able you’ll be to hear guidance when it comes.

Be More Loving

Angels are special divine beings made entirely of light and love. This is their language and very essence. Just as oil and water don’t mix, light and dark don’t mix. Free yourself of as much darkness as you can. Stop your toxic thinking. Stop engaging in garbage on social media. Stop gossiping and judging others. Stop hating yourself. Begin focusing on love. That’s one of the biggest things you can do to have a real connection with the angels. Be more like them. Be of the light and love. That is also YOUR true essence but we forget our real identities when we are down here pretending to be human.

Release Fear and Doubt

It will be next to impossible to receive help and guidance from your angels if you live in constant fear or doubt that they will help you. Where is your faith? Ask and live in confidence that you will receive the exact help you need.

And this leads me to the next step…

Recognize Your Human Limitations

While in your human form, your awareness, and in many ways intelligence, is limited. You do not know more than God or his plans for you. You also do not know more than God’s angelic helpers. So when you ask for help and guidance, understand that it may appear in ways you haven’t fathomed or even in ways you like at first.

Know You Are Worthy of Help

So many of us struggle with our sense of worth. We find it hard to receive love and kindness from ourselves and others. So how on Earth can we receive loving guidance from angelic beings?

Practice self-compassion. Look at yourself from an angel’s point of view. They love you with the love of infinity. They want only good for you. Want this for yourself. Act loving toward yourself.

Angels really do exist. And we each have at least one by our side on this earthly journey. Form a relationship with your angels and see how exciting and wonderful your life can become!

Photo Credit: Javardh

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