Bost Water Lantern Festival

Cancer Self-help – Boston Water Lantern Festival

Cancer Self-help at the Boston Water Lantern Festival

Did you feel the healing on Saturday night? Dave and I went to the Boston Water Lantern Festival and sent you all love and healing as we launched our lanterns into the Boston Harbor. It was a magnificent summer evening filled with love and cancer self-help.


Good morning lovely you,

It’s another beautiful sunny Monday morning. I know some of you dread Mondays so I’m here to remind you that today is a new beginning. It is time to start something new. I am taking this Monday morning to start a “Me Time” program for the month of August. If you would like to join me, please download the worksheet and Action Plan below from my “Save Your Life” program and let’s start healing our lives one day at a time.

Fill out the worksheet and create your unique Action Plan today so you can begin your journey to cure cancer naturally through cancer self-help.



Stillness Creates Wellness.

Take time out of your busy life to sit in stillness, quieten your mind and when a thought appears gently let it go. Keep concentrating on your breath in and your breath out and make all thoughts drift away.

Remember a time in your life when everything was magical. When your heart was filled with light and love. Even if this was a fleeting experience concentrate on that moment today and feel it – re-live it in your mind.

Spend time today becoming aware of your friends and family and what they are teaching you. Look closely and with spiritual eyes of love. You may catch a glimpse of their soul. These people are in your life for many reasons. Find out why.

Spent the next couple of days getting prepared for our August “Me Time.” Fill out the workshop paperwork and start creating your Action Plan for cancer self-help. I’ll keep reminding you here at Prue’s Place Daily during the month of August to take time for you. We are all far too busy so “Me Time” is vital for our wellbeing. Let’s slow down our lives and do more self-care. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for this precious time.

Have a wonderful day,

Love you,


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