Cancer Self-help – Detoxing

Cancer Self-help – Detoxing

What is a detox or a cleansing program?

Ayurvedic medicine, which is traditional Chinese medicine, as well as medicine from other cultures around the world, have practiced detoxifications for centuries. Detoxing is about cleansing, nourishing and resting the body. When you remove and eliminate toxins from your body, it allows your body to heal and to maintain better health. You take your car in for oil, lube and filter check every 3000 – 5000 miles or 4800 – 8046 km that makes your car run better, right? Well, the same applies to your body and the working order of your system.

How do detoxifications work?

When we detox, we cleanse the blood of impurities in the liver and other organs. This allows the body to eliminate toxins faster through the intestines, kidney’s, lungs, lymph, and skin.

Detoxing is not what your general practitioner learned in medical school. They only learned about pharmaceuticals and the big 3, chemo, radiation and surgery and the new, well old, immunology.

You will need to research and find a doctor in your area who understands about detoxification – an integrative, holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic, functional medicine doctor or health practitioner who knows and understands nutrition and how to detoxify the body.

Please share who you find and like over here in the comments sections. I know some people are finding it hard to find doctors who truly understand them. Any help you give would be great. It doesn’t matter where the doctor dislocated because many do live Internet sessions now.

The benefits of a detox program:

  • You allow your organs to rest and cleanse.
  • You allow your liver to detox, therefore stimulating the function of the liver.

And why is this important? Because your liver performs some pretty important functions: The liver produces proteins with the help of vitamin K that is important in blood clotting.

  • The liver breaks down old and damaged blood cells.
  • The liver plays a central role in fat metabolism – the liver cells break down fats and produce energy.
  • When you cleanse your kidneys, lungs, lymph system and skin, you create a better elimination process. The toxins are eliminated from the body easier when you detox and make you feel healthier, younger and more vibrant.
  • Your circulation improves when your blood is cleansed.
  • The body starts to heal because it can receive more nutrients. Therefore, you will experience more energy.
  • You need to detox if you have a chronic disease. Even if you are a so-called healthy person, you need to detox.

Detox is an important aspect to your cancer self-help healing process so find a health practitioner you love and trust and who can advise you about this process.

Cancer Self-help – Detoxing

First symptoms that are signs you need to start a detox:

Mental confusion – fussy brain

Unexplained fatigue – low energy

Sluggish elimination

Irritated skin


Colds and flu

Continuous headaches


Low-grade infections

Puffy eyes

Menstrual problems

How to Start Detoxing

You must start slowly by eliminating alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, refined sugars, saturated animal fats – all irritants and stimulants. Also, minimize your use of chemical products – cleaners, personal care products, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste to name a few. Take inventory of all the products you use on a daily basis.

I was shocked when I first did this years ago. I couldn’t believe how many chemical products I used on my body, hair, face, nails, and my house was full of chemical products.

Believe me, your first step to a health transformation is to detox your body. It will be hard at first, but I promise, if you’ve never done one before, you will feel so unbelievably amazing you will be hooked for life!

Love and blessings,


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