Cancer Self-Help – Healing Cancer Through Enlightenment

Cancer Self-Help – Healing Cancer Through Enlightenment

Good morning lovely you!

Can you believe it is September already?! While I will miss the flowers and plants of summer, I always welcome autumn when it comes. Like spring, autumn is such a symbolic season and I always find myself reflecting on my life and choices.

This month I want us to talk about how enlightenment can bring about true healing and transformation in our lives. As the environmental light begins to wane a bit and the days get shorter, now is the perfect time to seek out the light.

When asked what it means to be Enlightened, the Buddha said:

“What has to be known, that I have known;
What has to be abandoned, that I have abandoned;
What has to be developed, that I have developed;
Therefore, O brahmin, I am a Buddha.”

These core Buddhist teachings – to fully know what should be known; to abandon what should be abandoned; and to develop what should be developed – remind me of the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer that goes:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

This prayer essentially asks God for enlightenment.

Cancer Self-Help – Healing Through Enlightenment

How does enlightenment lead to better health? Enlightenment removes the false beliefs and old emotional baggage that we have been carrying around. When we reach true understanding of ourselves, our purpose, our power and our divinity, we can finally let go of the darkness and make room for the light. So long stress, so long trying to please everyone else, so long toxic relationships and things that no longer work for me.

Enlightenment is not only good for our soul, it’s downright necessary for our immune system!

Now, on to some important questions.

1. How do we KNOW and ACCEPT the things we cannot change?

We have to surrender. When we are struck with a serious illness, it is a wake-up call of the highest magnitude. It lets us know that HOW we have been living has not suited us or enriched our lives. Since we did such a crappy job of living well, it’s now time to surrender to a higher power and let them take over.

You can call this power God, the Universe, the one consciousness, your higher self. The name does not matter. What matters is that you become aware of this innate and profound intelligence within you and all around you.

This will require you to be quiet. Be still. Listen. Feel. Recognize. Spend time in nature and wonder at life. Meditate. The deeper your desire to connect with the higher power, the easier it becomes to know this power intimately. Once this happens, you HAPPILY surrender your life. Just say, “I surrender everything over to you. I don’t know what to do because I am totally lost.”

We know and accept the things we cannot change when our perception of ourselves and reality become clearer and we begin to “see” the invisible background of all life.

2. What must we have the courage to ABANDON or CHANGE in our lives?

Whatever’s not working!!!

Along with that clearer perception I just mentioned comes an ability to smell BS and live truth. Some people are actually shocked at how HONEST they become when they face death and decide to become enlightened.

Be warned, while you may feel freer at this new ability to just be real and raw and honest, some people in your life may not eagerly accept this new authentic version of you. That is fine. Realize some of the things you must abandon and let go of are old relationships that no longer support your well-being.

3. How can we gain the WISDOM to develop as authentic people, living our purpose?

Understanding leads to wisdom. In order to understand, there must be “light” or enlightenment. In order to experience wisdom, you’ve got to be willing to experience, master, and better yourself.

When we stop trying to be something we’re not, we make space for understanding and wisdom to come into our experience. When we live each day, committed to our path, we invite invisible guidance into our lives. And when we begin to feel joy and hope instead of fear and grief, we can begin to heal.

Let’s Make a Commitment

I want all of us to make September a month of inviting enlightenment into our lives. Commit to your own growth this season. Make time for meditation. Don’t be afraid to be quiet and face the darkness. Because the light is just on the other side of it.

Sending you much love and LIGHT.


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