Cancer Survivor Guilt is a Real Thing.

Good morning, Lovely You.

Cancer Survivor Guilt is a Real Thing

It is officially Fall here in New England. It’s time to go through my coats and clothes to see if I need to fix buttons or wash some sweaters so I’m ready for the cooler weather ahead. It’s time to pack up clothes I know I won’t wear again and send them off to charity. It always feels good to have a fresh start to the new season.

What happens when we get a fresh start to our health?

What happens when we turn a corner with our health?

What happens when our lives start to get better?

What happens when we hear the words, “You are in remission” or ” NED.”

We get hit with guilt. I remember thinking about how my friend Melanie that had stage 4 Melanoma like me and died six months into her healing program. That was one of the saddest days in my life. Why didn’t I die?

Why did she die and I survived?

It is difficult to leave behind people still in pain, the ones that didn’t make it as far as us.

We may think of the husband we divorced and the friends we left behind so we could become totally healed; so we could change and heal your life.

We may get a call from a sister of a friend who died of the same disease we had.

How on earth can we feel happy and positive when those we love are still struggling with disease and in pain. How do we break away and be appreciative of our new life?

You must, and you can.

It is tough to leave behind those we love. Remember that other people’s healing journey is not for you to fix. Everyone has their own path. Keeping yourself moving forward into the light is what matters right now. When you know deep down in your soul that you are out of the woods then perhaps you will find a way of giving back to those in need of support and healing but ONLY when you feel whole.

Prue’s quote of the day: “I am willing to rejoice in my health and healing and be the best I can be, so one day when I feel totally healed and strong enough I will be able to give back with love.”

Let go of others with love in your heart, and love yourself without guilt or regret.

Cancer survivor guilt is a real thing and can be one of the hardest lessons we must learn during our cancer healing journey.

Stay strong and believe in you.

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