Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Health

Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Health

Good morning lovely you!

I am back from my business trip to Kentucky. It was a nice trip, but I so enjoy being home, and writing to you from my cozy office, tea and little Zuzu by my side.

Speaking of my business trip…

I sat by a woman on the plane who had, at one time in her life, a terrible fear of flying. She told me she hadn’t seen much of her family back in Spain for over a decade because of this fear. The plane trip from Spain to the U.S. had been a living nightmare for her and she simply refused to get back on. And so she saw her dear family very rarely.

I could so relate to her story. When I moved to the states, I missed my home of New Zealand and my wonderful friends in Australia who had supported me through my cancer battle so very much. Every chance I got I hopped on a plane to fly home and spend time with them.

I asked this woman what changed for her – how she overcame her fear – and she told me hypnosis, or as she said in her lovely Spanish accent, “He rewrote my brain.” Just like that, her fear had been rewritten – her deep-seated belief that all planes eventually crashed was replaced with a new belief – flying was safe.

And with this change of belief, her life has changed. She flies back home to Spain a few times a year and she and her husband spent their recent 25thwedding anniversary on a safari in Kenya. Something she always dreamed of doing but never thought she would ever be able to do.

Needless to say, this was a very inspiring conversation and it reminded me how much our limiting beliefs negatively impact our life.

Our beliefs very much impact our health, as well. This is no longer a woo-woo concept as it once was. Numerous studies have shown that our beliefs hold more power over our body than any other factor.

This is of course proven time and time again with the placebo effect. Someone with an illness can be given a sugar pill. But if they BELIEVE that pill is actual medicine, and if they BELIEVE that medicine will make them well, they will miraculously be cured.

What cured them? It wasn’t the sugar pill. It was one thing and one thing only – the power of their own mind and belief.

What Actually Signals Our DNA?

Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote an excellent book I cannot recommend enough called “The Biology of Belief.” In the book he examines how our cells receive information. Needless to say, his and other scientists’ discoveries completely change what we understand about life and health.

It turns out that our genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, our biology (physical health) is controlled from signals that come from outside the cell. These signals include the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts and beliefs.

By combining his research into cell biology with what recent science has shown us about quantum physics, we now understand that we can change our bodies and our health by retraining our minds to think and believe in NEW ways.

OK, Great, But HOW Do I Change My Beliefs?

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Not all of us are necessarily comfortable with the idea of being hypnotized by someone else. Perhaps we all have visions of walking out of that person’s office clucking like a duck.

The good news is, we can train our own minds to change. The following tips will help you change your beliefs so you can begin to change your health outcomes.

Recognize the Fluid Nature of Beliefs

If you are asked to pick up a rock, you are going to look at that rock and quickly gauge whether or not you should even bother expending your energy to do it. If it is a very big rock, say a boulder, you most likely won’t even bother trying. But if it’s a small rock the size of a tennis ball, you know you can easily pick it up and move it.

The first thing you must do is think of your limiting belief, whatever it might be, like a small rock and not a big boulder. You must first recognize that your beliefs (software) are nothing more than computer programs running in your mind (hardware). Understand that they can easily be swapped out for new beliefs that serve you better.

Beliefs are NOT the same thing as TRUTHS. At one point, people believed the Earth was flat – turned out that wasn’t true. At one time doctors actually believed that smoking was good for you. But THAT turned out to not be true.

Your belief is simply an idea you have about something (yourself, your life, your health). You may believe you are destined to get breast cancer because your mother and grandmother had it. If this is a deep-seated belief, you may very well get breast cancer. But this is NOT the truth of whether or not your DNA is DEMANDING that you get breast cancer.

Maybe you have a deep-seated belief that you can’t live without someone else in your life. People with this belief might have a health crisis after a divorce or breakup. When my father was killed, I truly, truly believed I couldn’t go on living without him. Months later I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Coincidence? Hardly.

Whatever you truly believe, your subconscious mind will go out of its way to find evidence to support those beliefs, even if it has to create the scenarios itself.

Change your belief – change your health.

Get Inspired

Load your brain up with inspiration. Google stories about placebo cures. Here’s an article in the NY Times about placebo cures and the brain’s power over reality. Read everything you can by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden. These guys are helping all of us finally understand that thoughts TRULY CREATE REALITY.

Visualize Your New Belief

Begin to believe that your destiny is to be healthy and live well into your 80s or even 90s. To help your subconscious mind pick up this new belief, begin to visualize yourself well today and in the future. Our minds see in pictures. This is why our dreams are so wildly visual sometimes because that is how our subconscious mind communicates with us. To communicate with IT, use pictures as well.

Speak and Act Your New Belief

Beyond visualizing, make your new belief a part of your current reality. When people ask how you’re feeling these days, exclaim, “I feel great!”

Act as a person who is vitally healthy acts. This sets your new belief in stone.

Listen, I’m not just talking out my you-know-what here. I know firsthand the power of thought on our health. I used these same techniques when I healed from stage 4 cancer. They WORK! So use them.

Change your beliefs – change your health!

Sending love and light…


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