Comedy Heals – Benefits the Lymphatic System


Comedy Heals – Benefits the Lymphatic System

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And you probably assume that the phrase is referring to our mental health. After all, when we laugh, we feel better mentally and emotionally.

Comedy Heals – Laughter’s Benefits on the Lymphatic System.

But while laughter can certainly elevate our mood, it is also an excellent tonic for our physical health. For instance, when we laugh, we take in more oxygen. So if you are someone who has tried breathwork but found it challenging, you may want to find ways to laugh more.

But laughter has even more profound benefits. For instance, studies have found laughter can reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, reduce anxiety and pain and improve depression.

There is something else laughter does, and that is it can help our body detox through the lymphatic system

How Does the Lymphatic System Work?

You’ve most likely heard of the lymphatic system but maybe didn’t fully understand how important it is for our immune system to function optimally.

Our lymphatic system is a part of our immune system and is responsible for protecting us from harmful toxins, as well as maintaining fluid levels. This system is what dumps out excess water and cellular waste.

As you can imagine, if our lymphatic system is not working properly, if it cannot remove toxins effectively, then we can experience toxic buildup and the development of disease.

The lymphatic system has the ability to drain itself and remove these toxins. But there are ways we can help the system drain. Jumping on a rebounder, or a mini trampoline, is one fun way. And another fun way is through LAUGHTER!

How Laughter Helps the Lymphatic System

Laughing can help your lymphatic system in the following ways:

Improved Immune Cell Function

Laughter has been shown to increase the number of antibody-producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of our T cells. This means a much stronger immune system overall!

Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation

I’ve talked before about our body’s Sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mode) and our Parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest mode). Healing and repair of the body can only happen during the rest and digest mode. Specifically, to promote lymphatic draining, we should be in rest and digest mode. Laughing can actually activate our parasympathetic nervous system, putting us into the right state for healing and physical repair.

Muscle Movements

And finally, laughing, especially deep belly laughs, require specific muscle movements. These same muscle movements are necessary for stimulating the natural drainage of your lymphatic system.

Laughing heals_prudencesinclair

Cancer and Laughter

There was a study in Japan recently involving 17,000 cancer patients. Some of these patients were given laughter therapy. During the five year study, the people who laughed more had better survival rates. While some of that may have had something to do with a better positive mental outlook, I think the real science here would suggest that laughing actually helps your lymphatic system drain, helping your body to detox. Laughter also helps your body create more immune cells and make your T cells even more effective. In this way, laughter really is powerful medicine that can fight and prevent disease!!

Fake it if You Have To!

After reading this you most likely want to begin laughing more in your daily life. Seek out comedy everywhere you can. Take time each day to watch funny pet videos or funny baby videos on Youtube. Follow someone funny on social media who always shares funny memes and jokes. Hang out with friends more often.

There is also something to be said for fake laughter. Studies have shown that a fake smile, that is one you do deliberately and that was not a result of seeing something that made you smile, can bring about the same benefits as a real smile. The same is true for fake laughter. Your body cannot distinguish “real” laughter from “fake” laughter. The physical benefits I just listed are exactly the same. So every day take a few moments to try and just… laugh. Often you’ll find you feel so silly doing it the real laughter spills out soon after!!

So you see, laughter really is a powerful medicine. It relives stress and eases depression, reduces high blood pressure and heart rate, and even reduces anxiety and pain. But perhaps most incredibly of all is laughter’s benefits on the lymphatic system, which is a major part of our immune system. Along with eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep, I highly recommend you add “laugh more” to your daily health regimen!

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