Connecting with the Unseen

Connecting with the Unseen

Not long ago I received a Daily Om. (If you don’t know what that is – go HERE and sign up to receive Daily Oms – they will change your life.) This particular meditation started with: “Exploring the unseen world can be well worth your while as there are many gifts awaiting you there.”

This sentence struck a particular chord with me and made me remember a time in my life when I was completely unconnected to the unseen world – which is, in my opinion, (and the opinions of thousands of mystics and spiritual gurus) where life really happens.

Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible. ~Rumi

In my early childhood, well before my cancer diagnosis, I knew there was another dimension to life. I felt and saw things in my room at night and had an imagery friend who went everywhere with me. Being an only child, my mother was very concerned and took me to see a Psychiatrist. Thank goodness he didn’t find anything wrong with me! After that experience, I suppressed my spiritual adventures and followed suit, living only in the physical.  Years later, I was diagnosed with cancer which was a wakeup call of the highest magnitude and one that sent me on a journey of self-discovery. I remembered my childhood and how I was connected to spirit and tapped right back in and asked for guidance and help. It was a feeling I will never forget being back fully connected with my Angels and guides – the unknown.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

~ Hippocrates

We are all, each one of us, a Big Bang; from our inner invisible worlds we create our outer lives, our relationships, our health or lack of. This explosion of life bursts forth from each of us, every day. It is a reality, but very few people know this because they have become disconnected from that which cannot be seen with the human eye.

Children know. Children ‘see’ the unseen because they live so much of their lives in their imagination. But the imagination isn’t just a “place” where little kids play when it’s raining out; no – the imagination is where we can all connect with the unseen world and create any kind of reality we choose.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

~Albert Einstein


Thoughts have wings so think great things.

“Thoughts have wings so think great things”.

~Prudence Sinclair

Thoughts are invisible. Have you ever seen one of your own thoughts? If you answered no, you’re wrong (sorry that was a trick question!). Take a look at your life and you will see the thoughts you’ve thought the most. Our thoughts literally create our lives – our reality – the physical ‘stuff’ of life. This is no longer woo-woo thinking but proven by science.

Have you thought yourself healthy or sick? Broke or rich? Happy or angry? Lonely or loved?

The unseen world – call it whatever you like – your imagination, supreme consciousness, the quantum field, God, dark matter, zero point energy, the universal spirit – this unseen place is where life and everything in it begins. If you’re no longer connected to the unseen world, how and what are you creating exactly?


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