Did You Discover Your Gifts During COVID-19 Lock Down?

Did you Discover Your Gifts during COVID-19 Lock Down?

Good morning, lovely you!

I hope all of you were able to have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. The world has been so crazy lately, we all deserved to spend some time having fun and celebrating. Of course, it’s also an important day to honor those men and women that have died in service to this country. America is an incredible country, and I dreamed of living here when I came with my parents to the East Coast when I was seven years old. I told my father that this is where I was going to live one day. He said, “How are you going to do that?” I answered, “I will find a way, Daddy.” There are no words to explain how thrilled I am to call America my home.

The USA is an extraordinary place. It has always been a beacon of hope and a promise of a better life for people around the world. The famous plaque on the Statue of Liberty starts with, “Give me your tired, your poor…” With these words, it’s as if America promises to share her gifts with those in the world that need them the most.  Her gifts of freedom, liberty, and the chance to work hard and make whatever kind of life you dream you can imagine. If the United States didn’t share her gifts with others. I wouldn’t be here, and so many others wouldn’t be here either.

It’s not an easy road immigrating to the US legally. The amount of paperwork is astronomical, and the FBI does background checks going back five generations. There are many medical tests, including viruses like HIV/AIDS, you are required to do. You must be healthy when you arrive, so you are not a burden on the health care system. After many years and pages of documents and interviews, your temporary Green Card arrives in the mail!! I kissed mine! You are legal, but you don’t know anyone. You have to get a roof over your head without a credit rating and a job without letters of recommendation. Even though I spoke English, British English, it was difficult to understand the American business terminology and how you construct your sentences. I fell on hard times more than once and got back up, dusted myself off, and started again. I knew my dreams would come true here in America. I just had to keep believing in me. Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears has been worth it. I arrived with one suitcase a few dollars in my pocket. I was a cancer survivor, a thriver, and I had a dream. I pinch myself some times to see if this is all real!

America allows you to create your life on YOUR terms and reach your greatest potential.

I did not have the opportunities growing up on a small island in the South Pacific that you have here in America. I would never have met the fantastic innovative people in hi-tech, the medical/scientific field, and the incredible New York Times Best Seller authors and spiritual advisers that have inspired me. These are the people who have helped change the world, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I’m learning and growing daily and will continue my dream to inspire and help others find their inner gifts and destiny.

The world needs ALL kinds of gifts, are you sharing yours?

“But Prue, I’m just a person, not a country.” Every inventor, artist, doctor, teacher, explorer, is and was “just” a person. But by sharing their gifts, many have helped shaped this world we are living in.

“Okay, but I don’t have any special gifts. I’m just sort of… normal.” Everyone has a gift. EVERYONE. And I think life is about exploring your purpose and sharing your gifts to offer a positive impact in as many people’s lives as you can.

Maybe you are reading this, and you have an idea of what your gift(s) is(are), but you think they aren’t as valuable or worthy of attention as someone else’s. Isn’t a daisy as valuable and worthy of attention as a mountain? Isn’t a hummingbird as impressive as an eagle? And doesn’t a child’s handmade card move others as much as a work of art housed in the Guggenheim? All gifts are precious and valuable. And if you don’t yet know what your gift(s) is/are, then it’s time you found out! Because your gifts are a channel in which the divine creator touches your life and the lives of everyone you touch!!!

How to Discover the Gifts Inside of You

Whether it’s through painting, writing, playing music, dancing, teaching, cooking, or any number of things, your unique gifts add color, texture, flavor, and emotion to everyone around you. If you are unsure about the fantastic gifts lying dormant within you, here are five ways to discover what they are.

1. What Were Your Favorite Activities as a Young Person?

When you were young, did you spend hours drawing? Writing, reading, or telling stories? Building things? Sewing? Playing a musical instrument? What were your favorite things to do?

2. What are Some of Your Current Passions?

What gets you fired up these days? If you only had 3 hours to yourself on the weekend, what would you spend that time doing? Gardening? Taking photos around town? Baking? Playing the guitar? What do you enjoy doing the most these days?

3. What is Important to You?

Make a list of the things you find most important in life. This could be things like health, family, career, personal development, etc. When you take a look at your finished list, you will see a clear picture of your life’s values. Knowing, really knowing your values, will help direct you toward your passion and purpose.

4. Take an Online Test

Many online assessment type tests help you determine your strengths and proclivities. An interesting one is the Clifton Strengths Assessment. Once you take it, you will find out your signature “themes.” Themes are things like activator, communicator, communication, achiever, etc. I took the Humm Wadsworth 4-hour personality assessment test years ago. It was a huge eye-opener and helped me to carve out my career.

5. Ask Loved Ones

If, after you’ve gone through these first four steps, you still aren’t clear on your unique gifts, it’s time to ask those people who may know you even better than you know yourself – your friends, family, or a work colleague. It must be people you trust. Who are you closest to? Who do you spend the most time with? Ask three to five of these people to share qualities of yours that they see as unique strengths. When you hear the right suggestion come out of someone’s mouth, a lightbulb will go off. You will instinctively know that “that’s it!”

Sharing Your Gifts with the World

Discovering your gifts is only the first part. You must now share these gifts with as many people as you can. To start, you will want to begin exploring your gifts and paying attention to them. How can you begin to build your life around these newly-discovered gifts? Once you begin to tap the energy of your unique gifts, you will make a positive impact on the people around you, and this will have a ripple effect. Sharing your gifts can literally change the world for the better.

The world would not be the same place at all without the United States of America.

Set the bar high, reach for the stars, travel to other lands. Do whatever it takes to reach your dreams.

With love,


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  1. Thank you, Heather. You are an amazing inspiration to us all with your powerful story of healing. Heather has turned an amazing corner and started living the life she wants NOT what is expected or others want her to do. She is healing her mind, body and soul! I can’t wait to see your first sculpture. We will post it on the blog!!

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