Does Cancer Change Everything?

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When was the last time you had an A-ha moment? A-ha moments are gifts from the Universe. When they happen, they feel as if something divine and holy tapped us on the head, making our vision suddenly clearer. In that moment we instantly “get” something we didn’t understand just a moment before.

A-ha moments change our perspective about things, and with this change in perspective, or change of mind, our lives are changed.

Imagine if we could do something that would help us have more of these A-ha moments. Imagine how are lives, relationships, health, and financial situation could improve from this new clarity.

You don’t have to wait for divine inspiration to tap you on the head. You can decide to change your own perspective to gain clarity. You can change your perspective about any number of things in your life, and once you do – look out!

Are Your Perspectives Too Tight?

Perspectives, ideas, beliefs… however you want to think of them… are a bit like shoes.

When you were little, you wore baby shoes. Eventually you grew out of those and got bigger shoes. And year after year you kept growing out of your shoes, and year after year you got new ones that fit you well and helped you get around.

Imagine if you were forced to wear your baby shoes as a grown adult. They’d fit around your big toes and the rest of your foot would be exposed to the elements, exposed to broken pieces of glass in the road, ice, snow, rain. If you were forced to wear your baby shoes you wouldn’t get very far.

How far are your current perspectives taking you? Do they still fit? Or have you been wearing these same old perspectives for years and years, unable to recognize that they are too tight and doing you more harm than good?

How is it that most people are aware they have outgrown their clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and living room furniture but they have NO IDEA that their perspectives on their life are old, tattered, shabby and out of date?

Fresh perspectives are incredibly important when we are facing big challenges such as a major health crisis. Cancer changes everything. Problems often seem insurmountable until we gain a new perspective.

Let this new year be a time when you take stock of the perspectives you have and decide which should stay and which need updating.

As we know here at Prue’s Place some changes are good for us because our lives may have needed to change.

5 Ways You Can Begin Changing Your Perspective

Changing your perspective will take a bit of effort. When you consider the effort we all put into updating our iPhones and other tech gadgets, I think you’ll agree our perspectives deserve as much if not more.

Here are some ways you can begin to gain some fresh, new perspectives about your life:

  1. Be Honest with Yourself

Before you can change you must realize the need for change, and to do that, you must be 100% honest about your life. That’s actually one of the blessings about being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, you are forced to take an honest look at yourself, your life choices, your needs and your habits. Be open to the idea that your old ideas and mindsets helped you to land where you are right now and allow yourself the freedom to explore new options.

  1. Put Yourself in New Situations

Doing the same old thing day in and day out is NOT going to help you gain fresh perspectives. If you’ve always been an introvert, push yourself to get out more. Join a club, volunteer, try and meet new people. Read more books, watch more documentaries, travel if you can. The more ‘newness” you can be around, the more able you will be the create new mindsets.

  1. Remove Toxic Influences

Mind changes must be done in a positive environment. Now is the time to step away from all negativity in your life. Stop watching the news or reading the paper, stop gossiping and being around others who only like to tear things and people down. Stop the negative chatter in your own mind and replace it with positive talk.

  1. Use Your Imagination

Imagine how life looks, feels and seems from other people’s perspectives. How do they act? What makes them act like that? Maybe you see the same person at chemo treatment and they are always smiling and laughing. Imagine being them for a moment. What life perspective do they have that allows them to feel joy inside the darkness?

Imagine thinking, feeling and seeing things in a more positive way. The more you do it, the more your imagined states of being become your natural ways of being.

  1. Spend Quiet Time with Yourself

Whether it’s by meditation or simply taking a quiet walk in nature, it’s important that you quiet yourself as much as possible. A-ha moments tend to come during quiet moments.

Your life can be anything you want it to be. Literally. But you have to think it is something before it can be that something. Take a good, honest look at your entire life and see if you have some perspectives that don’t fit any more. Then, use these strategies to gain some new, fresh perspectives that will help you create a healthier, happier, more abundant life.

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2 Responses

  1. My dad was diagnosed with skin cancer and had it removed. I found you on YouTube explaining what you went through and how you overcame the prognosis. I enjoy your positive emails immensely.
    I had such an A-ha moment when I read through the Bible five years ago. I found that 30 yrs of not forgiving someone’s horrible act just washed away in a moment! I was able to forgive that person and prayed for him. My loutlook was transformed. Therapists couldn’t accomplish what my mostly daily readings with a cup of hot chocolate did. But it was one specific evening when it clicked. That is when I knew I was free and so I freed that person through prayer ( don’t know the person or where he is) so he could grow and change too.
    Our A-ha moments send ripples of love out into the universe.
    Thank you for your guidance. Be well.

    1. Hi Margarita,

      I have goosebumps reading your comment! Therapists couldn’t help me either with this. Forgiveness was a massive part of my healing. I’ve had the same Aha moments in my life. That feeling of cutting the cord – being free from it all is an incredible moment. Our A-ha moments sure do send ripples of love out into the universe. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings are with you always. Prue.

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