Enlightenment Can Happen Anywhere


Enlightenment Can Happen Anywhere – Even in a Garbage Can!

Hello lovely you!

I just got back from my morning walk and am happy to announce I caught my first falling leaf of the season! Do you ever try to catch them? It’s one of my favorite things about fall, trying to catch the leaves as they twirl closer and closer and closer toward you. Anyway, my leaf-catching game is off to a great start!

And now I am rewarding myself with a mug of steaming tea and my little Zuzu is napping nearby, and so I am ready to write…

Were you able to listen to any of my interview with the wonderful Dr. Bernie Siegel last week? I always have such a great time speaking with him. Sometimes I find myself sitting across from him and flashing back to being that young 20-something who was listening to his tapes in an attempt to save my life. Now he has become one of my dearest friends. Life is strange. Wonderfully so!!

During our discussion, Bernie told a wonderful story about a woman he knows who was dying from cancer. This woman had a flowering plant that someone had given her, I think to cheer her up. But no matter how this woman tried to care for the plant, the little thing began to wilt more and more. One day, recognizing that the plant was utterly and hopelessly dead, the woman finally took it outside and tossed it in her garbage bin and forgot about it.

A week later, the woman brought a bag of trash out to her bin and when she opened the lid, she was startled and amazed at what she saw. The plant, which a week before had been brown and wilted and very much dead, was now green with budding flowers!

But that’s not even the biggest miracle…

When the woman saw this plant that was very much alive and well, in that moment she realized, “If this plant can not only come back to life but thrive in a garbage can, then surely I can fight this disease and thrive in my own life!”

And guess what?

She did! That plant saved that woman’s life.

Seeing that plant in the garbage was a spark of enlightenment in that woman’s life, and it set her on her path of healing. Enlightenment can be found anywhere – even in a garbage can.

Cancer Self-Help Reminder: Thoughts Create Reality

There is another important element to this story that I want to point out.

No matter how the woman tried to care for the little plant, its health slowly and steadily declined over days and weeks until it was, as far as anyone else could tell, quite dead. Why do you suppose the plant began to come back to life and thrive in the garbage can of all places?

What was it about the woman’s thoughts and energy that the plant was picking up on?

It seems that once the plant was away from the woman’s energy and thought patterns, it could begin to live, even though it had no sunlight or water. Seems unthinkable for a plant to thrive in garbage with no sun or water but that’s what it did.

I’ve talked about Dr. Emoto’s water experiments in the past, and I think this story is another clear example that our thoughts and words literally effect the “material” world around us.

Video about Dr. Emoto’s water experiments is here.

Our world is not a physical world, it just appears that way. Enlightened masters from all parts of the world and of varying religions have understood throughout the ages that life is actually a mental experience.

You could say that we live inside the mind of God or the creator or whatever word you use to define the invisible loving force behind ALL reality. This force has imagined everything into existence. This isn’t woo-woo nutter stuff either. With each passing decade more and more hardcore scientists are beginning to say the same thing. Except they don’t say God, they use the word consciousness. Everything is made from the same energy and consciousness.

All life then is this higher consciousness taking many different thought forms. Everything… you, me, your dog, the pants I’m wearing, the tree outside, your darkest fears, your baby’s laugh and a bar of soap… it/we are all formed from a higher mind. It creates Life with a capital “L” in its mind, and we create our life in our minds. That’s how things seem to work.

Recognize this truth. Meditate on it. Embrace it.

Your thoughts and feelings, let’s not forget feelings as they are the power source behind the mental images, are in this very moment shaping all of your tomorrows. Your thoughts and feelings dictate every aspect of your life, not the least of which is whether you are able to thrive or not.

A plant can thrive in a garbage can because its life force has no choice but to burst forth and bloom. Plants do not need to become enlightened in order to be healthy; they are always connected to source; always compelled to share their unique colors and scents.

You are also connected to source and your life force is right there ready to burst forth so you can bloom.

Sending light, love and goosebumps…


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