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Are YOU Concerned About Your Immune System?

Are you concerned about your health and immune system?

Good morning, Lovely You on this wonderful Thursday.

We have the power to improve our health and stay on top of many diseases and viruses by turning on our good genes!

Do you want to take charge of your health and your immune system?

Let’s turn on your good genes!

Epigenetics is a surprising scientific discovery that is proving more and more just how powerful we are and how we can heal from diseases and viruses. When you truly understand how this works and are willing to participate in your healing, you will want to continue turning on your good genes. Being part of my community you will find out about a whole health system approach to healing your life. This is how you turn on your good genes?

The Science of Epigenetics:

How your genes are expressed is determined by what you eat, think, the amount of toxicity you have been exposed to, and what supplements you take. All of these factors have a significant effect on your health. Depending on the information you feed your genes directs the gene to turn on or turn off, and this dictates your susceptibility to disease. If you have a predisposition to a particular illness, you do not have to get this disease. You can change your destiny by giving the right information to your genes by changing your thoughts, your nutrition, your emotions, and your lifestyle.

If you live in harmony with your mind, body, and emotions, you influence your genes to keep you healthy and change your genetic disposition. Your physical wellbeing is affected by your attitude: thought process, belief systems, and philosophy on life. You need a healthy philosophy with rituals that you do every day to heal your life.

Every Part Of You Is Connected

Having lived with cancer, I know just how much it affected my whole health – my mind-body and emotions. Every part of you is connected and influenced by how you live your life. Your body is continually healing, so if you change your lifestyle, you speed up and support your body’s innate healing mechanisms. Traditional medicine is about suppressing your symptoms. Drugs can make you feel better temporarily, but they won’t help you discover the underlying cause of your illness. In fact, they are working against your body’s natural healing process and can cause harm to your immune system.

Your body is regularly sending you messages and trying to heal, but when it gets overloaded with toxins both physically and mentally, it breaks down and causes illness.

When the engine light in your car comes on, what do you do? Ignore it and hope it goes away? No, you take the vehicle immediately to your mechanic to find the root cause so it can be fixed. Well, the same goes for your physical body.

I know you’ve had signs before you have been diagnosed with a disease or illness. I certainly did, and I didn’t take any notice because I wasn’t genuinely aware I could do anything about it. I thought it was just the way I had to live my life, or it was my family history – my genetics!

Now that we can’t blame our family and our genes let us do everything we can do to help our bodies heal by using the power of our mind.


My dear friend, Dr, Bernie Siegel says, “One’s attitude towards oneself is the single most important factor in healing and staying well.”

If you have questions, please join us over here in our discussion group.

What is the best anti-viral drug?

With love and healing, always. Keep believing in yourself.

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