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Free Your Soul with Forgiveness

Today I want to talk to you about Forgiveness and how important it is for you to live a successful and fulfilled life.

Before my cancer diagnosis 28 years ago, I would blame everyone and everything for my life challenges because I never had the tools to know how to forgive. It never occurred to me that I needed to forgive.

Forgiveness will free your soul

It is vitally necessary to forgive if you want to fulfill your dreams and live a life in peace and harmony.

I’m sharing with you today a very simple technique that has helped me greatly to forgive everyone who has hurt me and most importantly forgive myself.

Free Your Soul

Don’t spend any of your precious life feeling wounded, angry or hostile towards someone or something that has hurt you. You need to get back to a place of oneness and become centered.

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and sit in meditation. As you drift into alpha (your quiet mind) call in the person who has hurt you the one you resent or makes you the most upset. Remember, it may be you who needs to be forgiven. Start to think about this person and all the things you love and like about them. Look at all the reasons you feel connected to them. All the ways they have supported you in the past. Ask them to sit next to you for awhile and just be. Ask yourself why has this person been in your life and look at the life lessons you have learned from them. Start to feel goodness, love, kindness and acceptance.

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There will be a sense of love and healing wash over you. This feeling is the energy of forgiveness. You are letting go.

Forgiveness is a process so you may need to do this exercise multiple times to feel truly at peace. Try this technique for two weeks and see what transpires. It can be difficult to surrender because hurt and anger have built up over time so don’t be too hard on yourself. See the person you wish to forgive in your meditation with a big smile on their face as they drift away in joy and harmony.

I want to hear all about your magical moments of forgiveness. See you in the comments below.

I know this technique was a huge component why I healed from my cancer and many other challenging moments in my life. I sure hope it will help you as well.

Get your Free Technique here and start using this practice to forgive everyone who has hurt you in your life.



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