Get Up as if YOUR Prayers Are Already Answered

Good morning lovely you!

As you know, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it’s that time of year when everyone talks about the importance of being thankful. But I want to state right up top that gratitude is NOT about having warm and fuzzy feelings and suddenly deciding you’re happy with the way your life is. Gratitude is about SO MUCH MORE than that.

Get Up as if YOUR Prayers Are Already Answered

You see, the world does NOT work the way we think it does. We believe that experiences outside of ourselves cause us to have certain emotions. But that’s the complete opposite of how it actually works.

The truth is, our emotions tell the physical world what it needs to become. Quantum science has discovered that it’s not really our thoughts that create our reality. Our thoughts create emotions, and these emotions literally create the physical reality around us.

Most of us believe we are victims of our life. One event happens and we feel this way about it. The next event happens and we feel that way about it. We don’t recognize that WE are the man behind the curtain in OZ, feeling emotions that are creating the very events we feel victims of.

So feeling gratitude is not a band-aid. It’s not a little exercise we should do around the holidays to tell ourselves life ain’t so bad. We need to get up every morning as if our prayers are already answered and live our days in gratitude.

Gratitude is a program we feed into the 3D printer that then prints out our physical reality.

Let me say that again because it’s DEEPLY important…

Gratitude is a program we feed into the 3D printer that then prints out our physical reality. A reality that matches the emotion of gratitude. A reality that makes you feel as intensely grateful as you did when you were programming that printer.

If you want to become SUPER excited about feeling gratitude, watch this video of Dr. Joe Dispenza talking about how it creates your reality:

Get up as if your prayers are already answered

How to Feel More Gratitude

In reality, there is nothing for you to do except to FEEL more grateful throughout your day. Wake up and instead of allowing those negative thoughts to begin crashing down on you immediately, simply FEEL thankful. Before falling asleep, close your eyes, breathe deeply, put your hand on your heart and FEEL gratitude. Do this all throughout your day.

Now, I know there will be some of you who will say, “But Prue, I don’t know how to just feel grateful.” The idea here is to train yourself to create your reality from a gratitude program. This means you’ve got to accept the concept that in this reality, the egg comes before the chicken.

Having said that, if you are someone who is not in the habit of feeling grateful, you may need to use a few tricks to get you familiar with this feeling, so you can call upon it at any time at the snap of your fingers.

You’ve got to get up as if your prayers are already answered. You’ve got to believe.

Use Your Memory

We all have things that have happened in our lives that we feel grateful for. Meeting our spouse or partner. Having healthy children. Paying off our mortgage. Going on vacation. Winning a free TV.

Think of something you feel grateful for. It can be a small something or a big something. The idea here is to have the memory and see those pictures in your mind, then feel the feelings that go with those pictures.

Again, this exercise is to get you used to how the feeling of gratitude literally feels inside your body. Emotions are chemical cocktails, each emotion having its own recipe. Your body may have very well forgotten how to mix the gratitude cocktail, so use these memories to get your bartender reacquainted with the recipe.

Use Your Imagination

Dr. Joe will tell you how important it is to feel the specific shade of gratitude that goes along with your desired outcome. For instance, if you are battling cancer right now, how will it feel to hear your oncologist say the words, “All of your scans are 100% clear. You no longer have cancer. I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!”

Close your eyes right now and imagine that event happening. Imagine it FULLY. How does your Dr.’s office smell? Is there a light buzzing? How do your clothes feel on you? What is the weather like outside the window? FEEL that event as fully as possible and FEEL that level of gratitude.

This gratitude will feel different from other shades of gratitude. For instance, after your doctor visit, you may head to the grocery store to pick up food to make a celebratory dinner that night. The parking lot is really full, but just as you pull in, someone pulls out and you slide on into the spot. You feel grateful that you didn’t have to drive around for 10 minutes waiting for a spot to open up. This shade of gratitude is not the same as being told you are cancer-free, is it?

FEEL the gratitude of the event you want to experience. This feeds the program into the 3D printer. Feel this shade every day, all day long if you can sustain it.

Become More Mindful

Our feelings are much like our thoughts, which are much like puppies – if you’re not mindful of them, they get away from you and start destroying your furniture, or in this case, your life.

Feeling more gratitude is like any other good habit you are trying to instill – it’s going to require you to put your entire focus on it. This means getting up as if your prayers have been answered and being mindful of how you are feeling throughout the day. You may have every intention of feeling more grateful, but your inner bartender is in the HABIT of mixing very specific emotional cocktails. If you want him to start mixing gratitude cocktails, you will have to catch him before he mixes the wrong one. This means paying laser-focused attention to your emotions throughout the day.

This DOES NOT MEAN chastising yourself for having the “wrong” emotion. You wouldn’t throw a fit at your new puppy for running around and not following your commands, so don’t throw a fit at yourself. Just start being more mindful throughout the day and catch yourself when you are feeling anything but gratitude.

Don’t just be grateful for the things you have in your life, be grateful for the things you don’t have YET!

Get up as if your prayers have already been answered.

Much love…


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