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Have You Talked to Your Angels Today?

I read a book awhile back called “Angels in my Hair” by Lorna Byrne. Lorna is a very shy Irish woman about my age who has seen and spoken with angels since she was a little girl. Not only does she see and speak with them, they are, in her words, her best friends. Have you talked to your angels today?

Her book and personal story have been embraced by some and met with skepticism by many. I am one of the people who has embraced her story, because I know without questions that angels exist.

My Angel Was My Childhood Friend as Well

Like Lorna, I had visions as a child and was very spiritual. I had a special friend that no one else in my family could see and I knew this friend was in fact my guardian angel. I named her Louise and she came with me everywhere.

My family took me to see a psychiatrist because they thought there was something very wrong with me. The doctor chalked my visions up to being an only child with a wild imagination!

Little did he know that I was just like many young people who are very connected to the spirit world. Most of us are. When we’re young, we see things and know things the adults don’t and we’re told it’s just our imagination and “make believe.”

But the truth is, kids have a genuine connection to the spirit world. At some point when we get older, the physical world becomes more real to many of us and we lose sight of our own spirituality.

That happened to me when I was sent to a Catholic boarding school. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a Catholic boarding school, let me sum it up for you: you believe what you are told and NOTHING ELSE.

You’d think the nuns and priests would be thrilled that a student had first-hand interactions with angels, but nope! They didn’t believe me either. And so little by little, I too lost my connection to the spirit world.

There’s Nothing Like a Little Tragedy to Reconnect You with Your Angel

When I was in my 20s I suffered a miscarriage, my father was tragically killed by a drunk driver, and I was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Facing these back-to-back tragedies made me quickly tap back into my spiritual beliefs and reconnect with my healing angels and guides.

I can tell you without a doubt there is a loving, guiding, and sometimes even playful energy being that is right there with you, every second of every day. They want to have a relationship with you and help you on your journey.

If you’re not already open to the idea, I encourage you to be open to the possibility that angels or spirit guides (whatever you feel comfortable calling this presence) exist. Just start talking to your angel. As you’re driving to your doctor’s appointment or running errands in the car, just speak to them. Ask them to make themselves known to you. Ask them for help and guidance and peace.

In fact, hand over all of your worries and problems to your angel. They can handle them! When you hand over all of this junk, don’t have a tug of war with them, really release your fears and doubts and problems. Allowing them to solve problems will give you the time and space to focus on healing.

And finally, be sure to show appreciation and gratitude because your prayers are already answered. Your angel loves you unconditionally and will never withhold that which will serve you best.

But we don’t always know we’ve received the answer to our prayer. That’s because we want the answer to come to us in a very specific way. This doesn’t work. We’ve all got to trust the higher spirits to deliver unto us that which is best for us, in whatever shape and form that might be.

What we can do is to ask our angel to help us see better so we can recognize the grace and miracles in our lives. These miracles and answers are truly all around us, but when we have set expectations, we easily miss them!

I would love to hear from you about your own angel interactions, so please share them down in the comment section.

My angel and I send you and yours love, light, and abundant peace.


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  1. I accept my angel and i pray to God and hand over all my problems to God and my angel…and everyday i see the small miracles that are working around me…I have a tumor on my right kidney and has grown very big to where its close to my heart and liver ..
    but even though i feel fear for a bit , it suddenly goes away and i feel at peace…I know everything will be alright ..i feel it in my heart but at the same time the human in me…wants to tell me otherwise…and i know its my Angel working with me..

  2. Enjoyed reading . we can’t accept the hand of angels and go on distrusting the Mother Nature and angels . I want to . it makes life so easy.

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