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Hello lovely you,

Coming to you live from Sedona this morning! What an incredible two days we have had visiting amazing spiritual places. We got up early on Monday, March 4, for a trip of a lifetime to The Grand Canyon. It was my Birthday. I couldn’t think of more magical place to celebrate my special day.

The Grand Canyon - Let the spiritual journey begin

We headed out early yesterday, March 5 and walked out to this amazing place, Horseshoe Bend!

There is no urgency — one thing at a time, Prue. This is the feeling I got yesterday afternoon as I walked through the 8th wonder of the world, Antelope Canyon X which was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone millions of years ago. It’s hard to comprehend!

Our guide, Leon was from the Navaho tribe, and he greeted us with a peaceful, mindful nature and walked and talked with us through-out this magnificent place. Leon gave me 10 minutes to myself inside the canyon to meditate and pray. It was a fantastic experience, and I was very grateful for this amazing spiritual healing experience.

Determining the age of these canyons is difficult. They believe The Grand Canyon formed 6 million years ago. Some state that portions of the canyon were carved out over 70 million years ago.

One task at a time lovely you. We rush around for no reason trying to complete our tasks. Let’s stop and take our lives a little slower.

One feeling at a time.

One pleasure at a time.

Relax and let that shit go as they say down here in Sedona!

Let go of the urgency in your life. Begin your day calmly like Leon from the Navaho tribe. He was such a cool calm collected guy who had great passion and pride for what he did every day.

Prue’s quote of the day: “I will approach my day peacefully and calmly. I will let go of urgency and feel one feeling at a time. Let’s see how that works out today.”

As we say…”We are healing our lives one day at a time here at Prue’s Place!”

I have a special surprise for you tomorrow. Tune in to find out! You are in my healing prayers as I visit another amazing spiritual sanctuary today.

See you tomorrow!

Love you,

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