What is Ho’oponopono? Can we heal others?

What is Ho’oponopono?

Healing comes in many forms

Hands on healing, spiritual healing and many forms of healing have been around for centuries. I’ve experienced numerous types in my travels and recently sent one of my dearest clients in the UK to the famous Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. They have been healing people all over the world for 60 years. When I was struggling with cancer, I went every week to a hands-on-healer who had studied in India. Find someone who resonates with you and set up a weekly visit. It is something special you can do for yourself. Most healers ask for donations or you can search for a spiritualist church where it will be free.

True Story About Healing

Today I have an amazing true story to share with you about how Dr. Hew healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho’oponopono.

More than thirty years ago, in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital, there was a ward for mentally ill criminals. People who had committed severe crimes were sent there either because they had a mental disorder or because they needed to be checked to see if they were sane enough to stand trial. These were hardened criminals who had committed murder, rape, and kidnapping. According to a nurse that worked there in those days, the place was so bleak that even the paint wouldn’t stick to the walls – everything was decaying. Not a day would pass without a patient-inmate attacking another inmate or a member of the staff. The place was dangerous and terrifying.

The people working there were so frightened that they would walk close to the walls when they saw an inmate coming down the corridor, even though they were shackled they still showed aggression. They were never allowed outside to get fresh air because of threats and aggressive behavior towards the staff and each other.

Nurses, wardens, and employees were so terrified they would stay home using up every day of their sick leave. There was always a scarcity of staff, and that didn’t help matters.

One day, a newly appointed clinical psychologist by the name of Dr. Stanley Hew Len arrived at the hospital. The nurses rolled their eyes, bracing themselves for yet again one more doctor that was going to set new rules, regulations, and theories on how to fix the place. They said to each other, just another Clinical Psychologist, who will leave us as soon as things get tough. Most clinicians last a month at tops at the hospital. However, this new doctor was different. He didn’t seem to be doing anything at all, except coming to work with a cheerful smile and pleasant nature. From time to time, he would ask for the files of the patients. He never asked or wanted to meet with them. He sat in his office all day long and looked at their records. The staff thought this was peculiar. One member of staff asked Dr. Hew what he did all day staring at the inmate’s files. He said, I practice Ho’oponopono.

Little by little things started to change in the hospital. The walls were cleaned up and painted, the gardens and tennis courts repaired. Every day more inmates’ shackles were removed, and less pharmaceutical drugs are given out. A few patients started playing tennis with the staff. More people applied for jobs at the clinic than ever before.

Dr. Hew Len worked at the clinic for four years. In the end, there remained only two inmates, and they got relocated to another hospital. The clinic for the mentally insane closed down.

“Hoʻoponopono” is an ancient Hawaiian practice defined as “mental cleansing:” To set right through prayer, confession, repentance, and forgiveness. Ho’oponopono is to make right, correct, adjust and amend. Reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices are performed in other Pacific Islands, including my home country New Zealand by the Polynesian settlers, the Maoris.

How to practice Ho’oponopono

There are four steps to follow, and the order of the steps is not important. The only four things you need to work on are Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love.

Practice Ho’oponopono by saying…I’m sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you – I love you.

Say these words with meaning and feeling multiple times during your day and notice how you feel.

Kia Kaha – Maori for be strong.

I’m sending blessings, courage, strength, and peace to all of you who will meet Irma in Florida and the Southern States in the next few days, and of course, those of you in Texas who are recovering from Harvey. I want to thank all of you for being part of our soulful community here at Prue’s Place, and know that we all love and care about you and wishing you strength (Kia Kaha) safety, and security during this tumultuous time.

I’m sorry – Please Forgive Me – Thank You – I Love you.

Keep saying it everyone and send your love and blessings to the Caribbean, Florida, Texas and all our friends and relative in the southern states of these amazing United States.

Just maybe these tragic moments will bring us magical moments. Help us all to heal forgive and become more aware and loving towards each other and our differences. As you know, there is a reason for everything in life lovely you.

With love & blessings,




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