How Best to Heal Your Cancer

We are digging in deeper today! Up, the healing mountain we go as we find how best to heal your cancer.

Hello lovely you,

What a magnificent day it is today here in New England. I’m out on my porch with the tranquil sound of water coming from the fountain and I’m admiring my quaint garden which is in full bloom. Ahhh…what a day.


Why is it that we can’t find a few minutes a day just for me-time?

What is the resistance all about?

Why not dump the stresses of the day and have some enjoyable me-time? Read a book, take a walk, listen to music, or sit with your eye’s closed in stillness and let all the thoughts of your day drift away. Meditate and see yourself well. Free Download to add to your Action Plan.

In my coaching practice, I’ve heard all the excuses in the world. Ask yourself this question. What could be more important than you and your healing right now? Seriously, you have been given a wake-up call of the highest magnitude, so start getting educated on how to change your destiny and heal your life. Nothing should be in your way.

Get an attitude of determination, and let’s get you feeling better and more in control of your health. Remember my story about Ms. Battle Axe I’m not here to scare the heck out of you as she did with me. I’m here to wake you the heck up and to stop you wasting precious time on other people’s drama. It’s all about you and cancer self-help and self-care.

Our cancer healing climb up the mountain is just getting started, and it’s all free right here at Prue’s Place for the month of August so dig in and let’s do it together.

Handling your stress better, finding me-time and healing your emotions will get you up the healing mountain to the summit much quicker than just body medicine. It’s time to find out how best to heal your cancer.

Here’s your next assignment: Module 2 – Worksheet 2 Discover Your Truth and how best to heal.

Make sure you have completed Module 2 – Worksheet 1 before you start Module 2 – Worksheet 2

Your THOUGHTS can be a trigger.

We have many thoughts that are triggered by our environment, and when we repeat the same daily routine and behavior, how can we expect a different outcome? If you get up hoping things will go well, and you do not take charge of your mind and body, then things will not go well.

Prime your day with gratitude and blessings. You can’t be in fear when you are in gratitude. Download your free copy of The Daily Walk & Talk and spend time with you, healing and breathing like a dolphin, walking, talking, and being in gratitude and peace. We kick it up a bit in the last few minutes so you can exercise if you feel good or just continue walking and talking in gratitude.

We are healing our lives one day at a time here at Prue’s Place. Let’s keep climbing together.

Peace and love to you all,

Sherpa Prue!

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