Using Meditation to Face COVID-19 Stress

Meditation may be the first line of defense against the stress Covid-19 is bringing to all our lives. Let’s all stop what we are doing for a moment and picture ourselves in our favorite place in nature – a mountain scene – a quiet beach or park, or, in our backyard, our flower garden. Sit quietly and close your eyes and transport yourself to this special place. Take a deep breath in and hold, now let the breath out.

We intuitively feel good in nature. Nature supports our well-being, helps us build a robust immune system, and quiets our mind. Science is proving this more and more every day.

One of the things you can do to for your Meditation practice as you face the stress COVID-19 offers is to create a designated Sit Spot, where you go to find peace.

COVID-19 meditation immune system

During your day, find a spot where you can sit outside with your feet firmly on the ground, preferable on the grass or sand. Open your ears and listen to the sounds. It will be like a symphony washing over you. Pay attention, and if you are drawn to one sound, in particular, find out why. Is it the direction the sound is coming from or the rhythm? Perhaps it is the quality or distance? Let go of that single sound and get back to the symphony enveloping you. You can repeat this as often as you want, and when you are finished, gently open your eyes with a soft gaze and feel the serenity.

How do you feel now?

A “Sit Spot” is your secret spot, your favorite place to go in nature.

A place where you can expand your awareness and senses and see the local plants, flowers, birds, trees, animals, or waterways. Make it the same spot and go there often. Consistent visits can offer you a different perspective of the shifts in the seasons, months, and years. Plan to spend 15 minutes or more at your “Sit Spot.” Take 5 to 10 deep breaths, soften your eyes and gaze. Be aware of the sounds around you and if there is any movement in the trees or the grass. Smell the air and feel the temperature of the breeze. Acknowledge any discomfort like a buzzing mosquito or mud on your legs from hiking to your special spot.

Mindfulness in Nature:

Have you ever sat and watched a Great Blue Heron wading through the cattails in a wetland park area? Herons have very long legs; they lift one leg carefully. Each leg is strategically placed as they move ever so slowly. I’ve seen them freeze in time with one leg in a dramatic ballerina type pose. I sure hope you see one soon.

Mindfulness Walking:

Most of the world has been in hibernation like bears for the last three months. It is extraordinary to be peeking our heads outside, starting up our cars and getting out of our home clothes, putting on makeup and real shoes and venturing out again to our jobs, seeing family, friends, and neighbors we have missed and going to a restaurant, mall or store for the first time in months.

Some of us are grumpy and disoriented, just like the grumpy grizzly bear when he wakes up from hibernation.

Take your time and don’t rush back to your old life. Be mindful of what you have learned about yourself and others during this hibernation period. Remember what has changed in your life, and what has changed in YOU?

Spend time in nature to boost your immune system and well-being. Become conscious of how to protect yourself in this new world and how nature and the wildlife around you can nurture you back to a full loving peaceful life.

Nature helps you walk through the fear.

Nature brings balance and harmony.

Nature is all around you.

Turn off the news! Go about your day with peace, love, and harmony.

With love,

Prue Sinclair

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