How Can You Tell God Loves You?

How Can You Tell God Loves You?

Hello, lovely you!

How are you feeling today? I know so many of us are really struggling right now with all of the craziness in the world. It’s overwhelming at times. I know I feel it, too.

In the conversations I’ve had with others lately, I know a specific theme usually crops up, and that is, people either doubting the existence of our spirit guides, angels and God or doubting his love for us.

Sadly some of us are losing faith.

I often wonder how many people in this world really and truly have felt the love of their guardian angels, spirit guides, and runners, and God in their lives. When you think about it, it’s not an easy thing to do. God is inconceivable to our limited puny brains. I mean, the one true universal God, the all that is, try and imagine a universal force so powerful it created everything that was, is, and ever will be. Infinity.

It’s hard enough for our brains to imagine the real essence and awe-inspiring power of God; it’s equally challenging for our hearts to receive his profound and undeniable love for us. Why is this?

The sad reality is that many of us are not good at LOVE. Many of us were brought up by parents who did NOT love us unconditionally. Whether you had an alcoholic parent, a narcissistic parent, an absent parent, an emotionally distant parent… when we don’t receive unconditional love as children, we don’t believe it exists. How could we? We have never experienced it for ourselves. And often, when we start our lives in a family dynamic where love is conditional, then we are programmed to look for relationships that will show us what we already believe – that love is conditional. And so we date and marry narcissists and other broken people who are not going to show us real, genuine unconditional love. I’m speaking from experience!

But God isn’t broken. God is entirely whole. And God’s love for every one of his creations is whole and completely unconditional. I know some of us are not going to believe that, and that’s okay. You need to EXPERIENCE God’s love and Divine intervention for yourself. Only by experiencing it firsthand will you KNOW that God loves you purely, infinitely, always, and unconditionally. Have faith and believe.

How Can You Begin to Feel God’s Love?

Everything, all creation, from plants to people to your dog, cat, or budgie to your home furniture, is, quite literally, God. We are all figments of God’s imagination, all characters, and ambiance on our home planet, Mother Earth and in God’s holy story.

God speaks to us through everything because he is everything. There are times God is trying to get our attention and send us an alert! This summer, for instance, I was on my deck working on my computer. Little Zuzu was sound asleep, but suddenly she awoke with a start and jumped up on the railing of the deck. Curious, I got up and looked at what she was doing, and there I saw a sight I will always remember. It was such a pretty snapshot of my garden, my sanctuary in my back garden. There was a Blue Jay bathing in the birdbath and a giant monarch butterfly flitting past, and a squirrel running through the boughs of my beautiful juniper trees. Also, at that exact moment, a cottontail bunny ran across the lawn. This precious scene made my entire body smile. And I remember that day I had been feeling very stressed out from my job.

Now, what on Earth awakened my deeply slumbering little Zuzu in that instant? She has good hearing, but am I really to believe she HEARD the butterfly or HEARD the squirrel in the trees. I hadn’t heard any sound that would have awakened her so abruptly.

It was the Divine, God, my angels and spirit guide that morning that said to my little Zuzu, “Hey, pssst, wake up. I need you to go and check out the back yard so I can give Prue a time out because she needs to get off that computer and change her state.”


Not many of us are paying attention to our lives, to the world around us. We are in a slumber, going about our days, working, shopping, and running errands. We don’t PAY ATTENTION to our surroundings. We miss all the ways God is trying to communicate with us and show us his love. We don’t see all of the gifts, and I mean genuine GIFTS FROM GOD, big ones, little ones, just because he loves us so much and wants to make us smile. Never lose faith, my lovely friends.

I always get a sense that God is really like one giant precious child. He is pure, and he is FULL of LOVE, and every day he draws us a picture and says, “Here, I made this for you!” And he’s SO excited to give it to us because he loves us UNCONDITIONALLY and IMMENSELY. We’re like those parents who are too busy and too self-involved in their work and their ‘to-do’ lists that they don’t even hear or see their child standing there, arms outstretched with a picture they created out of pure love with crayons and glitter.

God is going to use EVERYTHING to get our attention, to speak to us, and to shower us with gifts so that we know how much he loves us. To feel his love, we have to PAY ATTENTION to the world around us. This means we can’t just give our attention to all of the BAD stuff we don’t like. Because for every bad day, there are 100 beautiful days. For every mean person that hurts us, there are 1000 people ready to lend us a helping hand.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and the negative in our life tends to get all of the attention. But when we allow this to happen, we don’t let ourselves see the FULL BEAUTIFUL PICTURE that is OUR LIFE on this magnificent planet that God is drawing for us every moment of the day.

Pay attention, LOVELY YOU. Get up and look around! Get out in nature and be ever so grateful for what you can see, feel, touch, taste and hear. Accept your gifts and know that you are loved.

💖 Yes, you are loved.

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