How to Communicate Online

How do you Communicate Online? Do you talk about good things? This morning I woke up thinking about all the ways we could communicate better as a business. In other words, I woke up thinking about my job!! Okay, I know, I am an overachiever got-to-find-a-way-to-fix-things person. Heck, I can’t help it. I was born this way!

Without physically seeing and being with each other and feeling the person’s energy isn’t working on Zoom or any other online tool. You can never replace physically being in someone’s presence and looking them in the eyes, feeling their energy, watching for gestures, and movements that tell the complete story.

Digital communication is superficial and will never replace face-to-face interaction.

I was in a restaurant on my travels to the mountains a few weeks ago, and the server told me how much he missed his girlfriend, who is unable to travel from her hometown in Romania to see him in the States due to COVID. They haven’t physically seen each other for nine months. “I talk to her every night on Zoom, and my heart aches because I want to marry her, but I don’t want to propose over the Internet,” he said.

We are all struggling to communicate in meaningful ways, and it is taking a heavy toll on our society.

How well do you know your loved ones, friends, and work colleagues?

What are the good things you know about them?

Have you ever bothered to ask a friend what they love about life or what they feel is their real-life purpose? How about the next time you see them in person, not on Zoom, you compliment them about something good they have done or something you have heard about them that is wonderful.

“I heard something amazing about you!”

More often, we spill out negative stuff in conversations with our family and friends. The woe is me stories about our aches and pains or other health issues, our broken dreams, our messed up love life, or how much we hate our job. We start to build relationships on our troubles and inadequacies. The more we talk about these things, the worse they get because we are giving more power and more negative energy to the universe. Remember, you get back what you put out, so let’s stop the negative chatter.

The next time you physically see your friend, don’t ask how they are doing; this opens the door to negativity. Tell them a positive story and compliment them on something good you have heard about them or noticed about how they live their life.

I’m going to start implementing new ideas of communication at my workplace. Being a remote company, we have no choice other than to use a digital format like Zoom right now. I think I’ll have a pass the mic session where everyone has 5 mins to tell us something amazing about themselves and what inspires them.

Perhaps we could get out a pen and paper and send our loved ones, friends and workmates a letter or card of appreciation and do it the old fashioned way – mail it!

Prue’s quote of the day. “Start your conversations with a statement like this….I heard something amazing about you today.”

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