How to be more grateful.

Hello Lovely You,

It’s Monday and a new short week is ahead of us. Thanks Giving is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Here we are on day 3, counting down to Thanks Giving together with tips, treats and techniques so we can experience the best holiday season ever.​

Tips on how to be more grateful.

When you look back over 2018 what is the first thing that comes to mind?

When did you take time out to stop and show your appreciation for what you have and who is in your life?

What are you grateful for?

Who are you grateful for?

Is your life happier than this time last year or more sad?

Did you change your habits this year and learn how to be grateful?

Let’s take a moment today to reflect on our year. Take a moment of silence right now and notice your breath. Close your eyes and breath in…and breath out. What are the thoughts flipping around in your mind?

Let’s learn how to be more grateful.

7 Proven Ways To Be In Gratitude:

1. Appreciate the good. Be grateful for the small things that transpire. Gratitude doesn’t have to be only for the “big” things in life. Change your habits and be more grateful this holiday season. Go around your house and a look at things you are grateful for and say… I am grateful for ____________. Look at the people in your life and say…I am grateful to have (name) _____________in my life.

2. Be grateful for the challenges life has brought you this year.

Being grateful is not just for the good things in your life. Most of the negative or difficult things can help us to know ourselves better. We must be thankful for those lessons. What happened to you this year that was challenging and turned into a deep appreciation of gratitude?

3. Being mindful.

Did you change your habits this year and become more mindful of how you think and what you say and do? Sit and visualize what improvements you made this year that left you feeling grateful. It only takes 21 days of practice to change or create a habit. Start a new habit today and start changing your brain and leading a greater empathic life of happiness.

4. Journaling your thoughts.

After you’ve spent some quiet time with yourself in mindfulness or meditation, write down your thoughts. Keep track of your day to day thoughts and awareness and refer back to your notes at the end of the year. It will be amazing to see the improvement. You will know when you have tamed the Drunken Monkey Mind through mindfulness!

5. Give of yourself.

Do something for someone else without them knowing. Show appreciation for your fellow man or women. Do something for your church or community where you live. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or children’s hospital. Not only will it make you more grateful for the things you have in your life but research shows that giving of yourself to others increases thoughts of gratitude in your own daily life.

6. Step up and express your gratitude.

Express your gratitude verbally. Tell someone how grateful you are for them being in your life. Tell them about specific moments when they made you feel grateful to be experiencing your life with them. If you can’t say, the words write a letter to your spouse, child or friend and express your gratitude in writing. Some of us find it hard to look at our loved one and voice our love and appreciation, so write it down and put it on their pillow, so they read it before they go to sleep. They will be thinking loving thoughts all through the night.

7. Be Happy – find ways to be a happier person.

Being in gratitude will make you a happier person. Thinking good thoughts about your loved ones and friends will bring you happiness. Find something you like to do that is right for you and will bring you joy. The more you show you are grateful, the more your endorphins will flow and the happier you will become. Get a list started of all the happy things you want to do over the holidays.

Have a happy day and be grateful.

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