How to Connect to Higher Dimensions

Why Does the Pineal Gland Become Calcified?

Does this calcification stop us from reaching higher dimensions?

Good morning lovely you!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Massachusetts, the temps are really starting to dip. I am already wearing a sweater and trying NOT to turn on the heat!  I swear a week ago it was in the 80s and humid!

At any rate. I am nice and toasty inside with my tea and my little Zuzu napping beside me, and so I am ready to write.

Today, I want to speak more about the pineal gland and how it gets all gunked up. But first, in case you missed my blog post from last week, a little refresher course on what the pineal gland is (it’s not to be confused with the pituitary gland) and what it does for your body and soul.

French Philosopher and Mathematician René Descartes spent many hours studying the pineal gland and eventually called it the “principal seat of the soul”. Other scientists over the years have believed that the pineal, which has the same rod-shaped light-sensitive cells found in our retinas, may have been our first eye before we evolved and developed the eyes we have now. Whether that bit is true or not, the pineal gland does control the action of light upon our body. And its location, between the two hemispheres, is exactly where the brain regulates consciousness.

You may have heard people talk about chakras and the “third eye.” Well that third eye located in the “crown chakra” is your pineal gland, and enlightened masters throughout the ages have known that this little gland is actually a portal to higher dimensions.

I also spoke last week about how the pineal gland regulates many of our hormones, including melatonin. You probably know that melatonin is important for a healthy sleep cycle. But scientific research has now suggested that melatonin is important in the prevention and reversal of many cancers.

So you see, it is not ”just” our spiritual life that is inhibited by a poorly-functioning pineal gland, but our physical life as well.

Why Does the Pineal Gland Become “Gunked Up?”

Like many other organs and systems in our body, when we make poor lifestyle choices, our pineal gland also takes a hit. Eating processed foods is one of the first ways our pineal gland begins to function poorly.

There are also environmental toxins that we are exposed to. Many of those never make it out of our body but become lodged in our liver and other soft tissues, like the pineal.

Then there are the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) we are exposed to 24/7 from our mobile phones and other wireless devices. Perhaps I should write a blog post soon on how to protect yourself from EMFs, as they can do a LOT of damage!

But, by far, what our pineal gland is most sensitive to is fluoride. There’s the fluoride found in most toothpastes, and of course, the fluoride in water. Unless you live out in the country and have well water, you most likely get your water supply from your town or city, and that water has been fluoridated.

Now, have you ever wondered how drinking fluoride is supposed to help your teeth? I no longer allow my dentist to do this, but there was a time after my cleaning that he would brush some fluoride onto my teeth and have me lay there so the fluoride could soak in. So to benefit our teeth, fluoride has to soak in? Then again I ask why fluoride is in our water? Most of us don’t swish tap water around in our mouth all day.

Did you know that most developed nations do NOT fluoridate the water? For example, only 3% of the population in Europe consumes fluoride in their water. And there is no difference in the percentage of people with tooth decay between western nations that fluoridate and those that don’t. Only 5% of the ENTIRE world’s population drinks artificially fluoridated water.

So why is it that in this country, our government insists on fluoridating the water when it has shown to do ZERO to help our health, but it has been proven that it harms our health. Not only does fluoride suppress the function of our thyroid gland, it absolutely calcifies our precious pineal gland.

In the 1990s, a British scientist named Jennifer Luke discovered that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland in unbelievably high levels. Because the pineal is a calcifying tissue that is exposed to a high volume of blood flow, it is a major target for fluoride accumulation in people. In fact, according to Jennifer Luke’s research, the calcified parts of the pineal gland contain the highest fluoride concentrations in the entire human body, higher than even bone or teeth. Go get an MRI done and I am 100% certain your pineal gland will glow on the scans just like everyone else’s from calcification!!

If I didn’t know any better, I would swear there are some very sinister people in control of our government who know EXACTLY what fluoride does to the pineal gland and they seek to have all of our glands calcified so we are not connected to source. Because when masses of people are connected to a source HIGHER than the thugs in politics, then we simply cannot be controlled.

But I digress.

Now that you know the main causes of pineal gland calcification, there are some things you can do to detox and decalcify. For starters, stop using fluoride toothpastes and get a powerful water filtration system that actually removes fluoride from your tap water.

Next week, I’ll outline some other ways you can decalcify your pineal gland so you can be physically healthier and easily connect to higher dimensions.

Sending you love and light…


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