How to connect with your spirit guides

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

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I am always encouraging cancer patients I meet and in my programs on how to connect with their spirit guides, because if there’s anyone who can help you get through the roughest and darkest hours, it’s your spirit guides.

We are profoundly blessed to all have spirit guides who want nothing more than to help us on our Earthly journey. But while they very much want to help us, we sure make things more difficult when we remain oblivious of their efforts.

Often our intuition or that little voice inside our head is actually our spirit guides nudging us to notice something, say something, do something, go someplace. Our spirit guides bring people and events into our lives at just the right time. You could say our spirit guides are the invisible beings behind the most awesome and serendipitous occurrences in our lives.

Why not make their “job” and your life easier by connecting with them?

Many people I speak with say they don’t know how to connect with their spirit guides. They believe they exits, but they just don’t know how to have a relationship with something they can’t see.

Keep reading to learn some of the ways I connect with my spirit guides.

Ask Them to Make Their Presence Known

Your first step in making a connection with your spirit guides is to ask them to reveal themselves to you. Find a quiet place and sit in stillness breathing gently in and gently out. When you feel calm and centered, simply say something like the following, “Dear Spirit Guides, I want to know you better. Let me see you. Please make yourselves known to me. Thank you for your guidance and love.”

Once you’ve made one of these statements or all of these heartfelt statements, pay close attention to see if you receive any special feelings, messages or strange but wonderful dreams!

Spend Time in Nature

You can connect absolutely anywhere with your spirit guides, but I tend to feel their presence more when I am in nature. Spending time outdoors is very healing and grounding anyway, and the sounds of nature have a tendency to lull our monkey brains into silence. When our minds become silent is when we can hear the messages from spirit far more clearly.


I can’t talk about quieting our constantly-chattering monkey brains without discussing meditation. If you’ve never meditated, I encourage you to start.

Meditation tends to get a very black or white review. Either people rave about it and exclaim they can’t live without meditating each day, or people say they tried but it was too hard.

If I’m being honest, meditation is definitely challenging at first. Most of us are addicted to thoughts like we can be addicted to other substances. We tend to not be able to still our minds very easily. But meditation is one of the most valuable things you can do for your overall health and well-being.

Whether you use a mantra, gaze at a mandala, or simply listen to the ambient sounds around you, spend at least 10 minutes each day practicing meditation. Try not to get too frustrated in the beginning. Just keep at it and soon you will find it easier to quiet your mind, and when your mind is finally quiet, be prepared to receive many messages from spirit!

Listen to Your Gut More

As I mentioned earlier, our intuition is really our spirit guides whispering to us. The more you get into the habit of paying attention to your “gut instinct” the more you will hear the guidance you are longing for.

Keep a Journal

I have found that messages from spirit aren’t always decipherable at first. Sometimes we may have a strong knowing about something, but often, we will get little bits and pieces of information that we have to put together.

Keep a special journal and record bits of your dreams, gut feelings, songs that you hear, odd items that you find, absolutely everything that seems like it is part of a message for you. Just jot these things down and eventually, you’ll be able to read and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Get Creative

All spirit beings, ourselves included, because we are spirit beings in a flesh suit right now, have been created to create. Life is fractal in nature in that the creator creates things that create things that create things that create things and on and on….

When we’re young, we create all sorts of things on a daily basis. But then we “grow up” and stop being as creative. We’re too busy working to pay our mortgages and other grown up bills.

I encourage you to tap into the creative side of you. Did you used to love to draw? Paint? Write poetry? Take photos? Dance? Knit? Build things? Invent things? Whatever it is that speaks to you, spend more time doing it now. You will naturally raise your vibrations and those vibrations will then be in alignment with higher spirit vibrations.

Expect the Unexpected

Your spirit guides not only want what’s best for you, they know what’s best for you. Though you may not get the answers in the way you want or expect, it doesn’t mean that answers, guidance and help isn’t coming your way.

If you expect good news to come through the US mail service, then you’ll park yourself outside by your mailbox waiting for days and miss the important phone call. Don’t expect things to happen the way you think or want. While we’re on Earth, our knowledge is limited. Just trust that your spirit guides have your greatest intentions at heart and be open to receiving any and everything.

Life becomes more peaceful and beautiful when we go through it connected to our spirit guides. I hope you will follow these suggestions and begin connecting to those higher spirits who are waiting to help you.

With love and light,



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