I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

I’m NOT sick. I’m Healthy.

Dear friends,

Good morning, lovely you, and welcome to this magical Tuesday.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

Last night, Dave asked me what I was going to write about today because I signed off Monday’s post with this statement. ” More L.O.V.E. is coming your way tomorrow. Stay tuned!” I told Dave that I had no idea what I was going to write about, but that I know something great will happen.

This morning at 8:55 AM, I get a text from Heather. If you are new to Prue’s Place or do not remember the serendipitous story of how Heather and I met, then you are in for a real treat today.

I have had a dream for over a decade to blow out my attic and create a sanctuary for my work. The old attic had a tiny window that I could look out and see the beautiful ocean and the city of Boston in the distance.

I would go to the attic often and dream.

For most of 2019, I interviewed and met with architects and builders. I became frustrated because I couldn’t find someone I liked. I promised myself that I would not build until I found the right people.

A friend of mine from our spiritualist church introduced me to a builder named Justin. As soon as we met, I knew he was the right guy to do the job. Justin said he would set up an appointment for me to meet a local architect named Heather.

When Heather knocked on my door, I put my hand out to shake her hand, and I said. “Hi, Heather I’m Prue.” She nearly fell off my front steps. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, and she could barely speak.

All she could say was, “OMG! OMG! You are Prue.” “Yes, that’s right, I’m Prue Sinclair,” I said. Heather responded, “My admin couldn’t remember the name of the person I was coming to visit today, so she just gave me your address.”

“You are Prue from Prue’s Place, right?” I can’t believe it. I saw your interview on YouTube with Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer, and I have been in awe of how you saved your life. I have stage 3 c Melanoma.”

Heather and I sat down, and she shared her whole story with me. Justin, the contractor who introduced us, sat down and was dumbfounded listening to our stories. He never knew his friend, Heather, had cancer. Heather and I shed a few tears.

Heather said, “You told me in Prue’s Place Daily to let it go and go with the flow and that everything would work out.” And now I meet you, and I’m at your house!” Little Zuzu walks passed her, and she can’t believe it. “That’s Zuzu, right.”

More tears!

Then she goes out the back to my garden and sees my sanctuary and says, “OMG! I know this place from your photos.” She kept saying,” I can’t wait to tell my husband I’ve met you.

I will never forget the day Heather and I met.

It was one of those glorious Ah-ha moments in life when you know you are loved and cared for by a Divine source far more powerful than you can ever understand.

Here is more L.O.V.E. (Living on Vibrant Energy) coming your way today!

I’m honored to share Heather’s letter with you all.

Dear Oncologists, Dermatologists, and Surgeons, 

Thank you for everything that you have done in trying to help me cure my disease. I understand that you have had the best of intentions coming from western medicine and conventional medicine world. I will not be needing your services anymore.

I originally put all my trust and power with you. I now know that I needed to listen to my gut, my soul, and learn to think what was best for myself.

I am going to be okay. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been worthwhile and one that I don’t regret.

When I started to think about the medicines that you had to offer, it didn’t feel right. I went along with some of it and realized after multiple surgeries, immunotherapy and hospitalizations that this was not the right path for me.

I practice and try anything that boosts my immune system: diet, exercise, rebounding, acupuncture, hypnosis, infrared sauna, yoga, meditation, supplements, IVC, juicing, energy healing, TuiNa,  gratitude and love for life.

I needed to listen to my gut and feel what was right. Working with doctors that listen to me, I could boost my immune system and I’ve never felt better in my life. When you told me that food didn’t make a difference for my healing, my mind questioned that statement. I did learn that food is medicine.

I learned that cutting out gluten and dairy and sugar has reduced my inflammation and my lymphedema. 

I learned from Dr. Barry Sears that fish oil and maqui berry is instrumental in inflammation and chronic disease. I learned from Dr. Deszynski that diet and exercise are extremely important in boosting the immune system.

I learned from Dr. Eyink that it is what you believe in and that energy medicine can be a very important component in healing.

I learned from Anita Moorjani that life is more than what it seems and that we are all special people with a soul’s purpose.

I learned from Esther hicks to always go in the direction of good feeling thoughts.

I learned from Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden about environmental influences and consciousness. I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza about meditation and thoughts, and healing.

My best mentor and coach has been Prue Sinclair who has helped me to gain confidence in myself and to listen to myself.

I have a wonderful family that has supported me and backed me up with every alternative direction that I’ve chosen. 

My metastatic melanoma was not caused by the sun. It was caused from me not aligning with my soul’s purpose. It’s taking me two years of the best journey of my life to figure it out.

I will not be contacting you for any visits, scans, chemotherapy, immune therapy, or anything that is detrimental to my body.

Cancer is a wake-up call, not a death sentence. Remember: I’m not sick, I’m healthy!


Heather Deschenes 

I was only Heather’s guide. She did all the hard work and has turned a significant corner on her healing path. As she says and what she truly believes is, I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY. They are powerful words my friends. Keep saying Heather’s words today as a mantra and start believing in the powerful YOU.

I’m NOT sick. I’m HEALTHY.

With love,

Prue and Heather.

P.S. 💝 With Heather by my side my dream sanctuary is now a reality!


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