Is A Raw Vegan Diet A Cure For Cancer

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I hope your Monday has gotten off to a good start. I’m here with little Zuzu enjoying my tea. I’m ready to write.

I am happy to be spending more and more time outside, enjoying the healing beauty of nature. Nature truly is remarkable, and the more we invite the natural world into our lives, the healthier we become.

And that brings me to the topic for today: Is a raw vegan plant-based diet a natural cure for cancer?

There are people in the medical community who would answer quickly and vehemently “No, diet plays no role in the cure of disease.” As I’ve mentioned many, many times, doctors are simply not taught how food can act like medicine. Hippocrates, the FATHER OF MEDICINE is famous for saying, “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” If he had the common sense to know that what we feed our bodies dictates our health THOUSANDS of YEARS ago, why do so many modern health practitioners not have a clue?

Of course, my intention is not to knock doctors. Many of them mean well and truly want to help, they simply haven’t been taught the truth about nutrition. But what we put in our bodies is the starting point of our health or lack of.

What we eat contributes to the development of dis-ease as well as the reversal of dis-ease.

Soon after I was diagnosed with cancer and given only 6 months to live, I set about changing my eating habits. I was very young at the time, so up until the point of my diagnosis I was eating a typical diet that many young people eat, fast food, sweets, a LOT of coffee and alcohol with friends on the weekend.

In my initial research into cancer, I learned that cancer feeds on sugar. “My God,” I thought, “I eat so MUCH of it.” I knew instantly I had to COMPLETELY change my diet.

And so I began a raw vegan diet, juicing many green vegetables each day so I could load my body with nutrients that would support my immune system and help my body do what it was designed to do – become well.

Why You MUST Clean Up Your Diet

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with cancer, the FIRST thing you must do is cut out refined sugars and clean up your diet. You cannot get well by eating garbage.

Processed food is manmade food, and that means that it is UNNATURAL. And things that are not natural are NOT healthy for us.

And let’s be clear about processed food… I’m not just talking about the obvious things like cookies, fast food, soda and ice cream. No, I am talking about ANYTHING that comes in a box, bag or other type of fancy packaging. This includes “healthy” items such as yogurt, protein bars, granola/cereal, crackers etc.

Jack LaLanne is famous for saying, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” The guy lived until he was 97 years old and he was fit and healthy! So listen to him.

The food industry has one goal and one goal only, and that is to make money. Don’t believe food labels claiming that something is healthy. Processed food is not healthy for a healthy individual and it has NO BUSINESS being in the kitchen cupboards of someone battling cancer.

And don’t get me started about the FDA. Just because that group deems something as healthy means absolutely NOTHING. Zero. Nada.

Why the Raw Vegan Diet is an Important Part of Your Healing Journey

Your body needs a lot of help right now, and it can only get that help from nature. Raw fruits and vegetables offer the vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body requires to begin healing. And by eating (or juicing) these fruits and vegetables raw, you don’t destroy these important enzymes and other nutrients.

The bottom line is, raw food is living food and cooked food is very close to dead. We want to load your body with life-giving food right now. This is not forever! I was on a raw plant based diet for 3 1/2 years. When I heard the words, “you are in remission,” I slowly started added in more cooked foods and low fat protein.

It’s also very important that you only ingest organic produce. Commercially grown fruits and vegetables often start with genetically modified seeds and then are bombarded with toxic chemical fertilizer and pesticides. And don’t fool yourself, much of these toxic chemicals are still present even AFTER you’ve washed your produce. So please, I know it costs extra, but this is your life and health we’re talking about, so buy organic.

Is a Raw Vegan Plant-based Diet a Cure for Cancer?

A raw vegan or plant-based diet is an important component of curing cancer. And I’m not the only one who has used this nutritional protocol to heal myself. Chris from Chris Beat Cancer healed his colon cancer with raw foods. A quick search on the Internet will turn up countless other stories of people reversing their cancer and other diseases by getting rid of the processed garbage and starting on a raw plant-based diet.

I hope you will follow this guidance from myself and others who have experienced the healing power of fruits and vegetables. The non-starchy vegetables are rich in polyphenols. Click here to learn why you need polyphenpols in your diet to heal from cancer.

If you have any questions about beginning this new way of eating, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Have to disagree here!
    What was the life expectation of your friend if she would go for the treatment? Are you sure it would be much more then 6 months and that she would have suffered much less? How much does palliative treatment with chemo prolong ones life and how much a good diet? Are you absolutely sure that chemo is that much better? Do you know how new drugs are invented?
    Also medicine is medicine, it uses science but it’s not science. Especially with regards to cancer.
    A doctor can’t simply give you the in his opinion best treatment if it’s against the guidelines. Because if he does and the patient won’t survive then he is screwed for letting the patient die by not treating him by the guidelines. You also can’t change the guidelines so easy. And also science about nutrition is underfunded because you can’t patent apples! It took some time for medicine to admit that lifestyle changes are the most effective treatment for heart disease – no pill or surgery is that effective. By far.
    Medicine has it’s issues. Among others it uses a deterministic model for something that has stochastic nature like cancer. You really shouldn’t blindly trust doctors. They are not God. And I would also say that most of them don’t do their jobs to keep people alive but to get money and social position.
    Yes, let;s not be stupid and double and triple check everything. How scientific is it if you get 3 different treatment suggestions from 3 different doctors? For most cases of 4th stage cancer medicine also has no cure. It can only prolong a patients life. So can a healthy diet.

  2. Hi Prune, hope all is well , I’ve not been diagnosed with cancer, I do however have symptoms that suggest I do. I’ve been having these symptoms for around 15 months now. I’ve tried to change my lifestyle and it has helped a lot , however I know I’m not recovered from whatever it is that I do have 🙂 I’m okay with it as in it is what it is and for me there is always wisdom behind everything that we go through in life and its always good for me 🙂

    anyway I’ve now decided to go raw vegan , I was just wondering what cancer/stage did you have? also is there any like group chats or forums , or a community of some sort where u can speak to other people who follow the same lifestyle as you or who are in similar journeys? i think that would be helpful because i always end up falling off track and eating something bad here and there…



  3. My friend Rose Chiarella had fourth stage cancer, and it had spread through out her body, she could not even get out of bed, and her oncologist became angry when she refused chemotherapy. She went on a plant based diet, and then on a raw grape diet. Now I realize how crazy this sounds, but I knew Rose very well, and she said that one day, while eating only fresh grapes in her diet to hopefully defeat this cancer, she would often tell us, that one day, she heard a voice, “eat the seeds”, so then she carefully ate the whole grapes, and chewed the seeds as well. This had a profound effect upon me, her son Perry Santalocci was my best friend, and he became plant based as well. I need to become plant based, but every now and then, I slip. This is an absolutely true story, crazy as it sounds.

    1. I forgot to tell the most important part, over time, all her cancer and tumors slowly disappeared, never to return, she recovered from what was a death sentence.

  4. What can one eat on a raw plant-based diet besides fruits and vegetables? Are raw nuts and seeds permissible? No grains, I assume, as oatmeal and quinoa come in packaging.

    1. Yes, raw nuts and seeds are fine. No grains because they are high in carbohydrates. Consuming too many carbohydrates will elevate blood sugars and insulin. When you compare the vitamin and mineral content of various carbohydrates, the non-starchy, colorful vegetables far exceed those from grains. Steel Cut Organic Oats are an exception. All your vegetable meals do not have to be raw especially if you live in a colder climate. I lived in a hot climate when I had cancer so it was much easier to stick to raw foods for a few years.

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