Is there such a thing as Serendipity?


Hello lovely you,

Is there such a thing as serendipity? I have an amazing story to share with you today.

Are you a direct person?

I was visiting with one of our Prue’s Place friends yesterday. We met serendipitously a few weeks ago. As you all know, there is no such thing as coincidences in life.

I’ve had this dream for 18 years ever since I moved into my house to blow out the attic and roof and put a dormer and a deck up there because I have a 180-degree view of the ocean. I had met with eight different contractors over the years, and no one was right. I was getting frustrated with the whole thing, so I put everything on hold. No Flow. No, Go.

One of my friends who is a well-respected Real Estate Agent and someone I trust referred me to a builder. I met with Justin, the builder, and he couldn’t be more perfect. He gets me and understands what I want to do! He suggested I speak with Heather a well-known and respected architect in the area who can help me draw up the design for the local zoning board.

I made an appointment with Heather’s architect firm, and as I opened up my front door to meet her she stood there in absolute shock, and her first words were, “OMG! OMG! You are Prue from Prue’s Place; I read your blog every day. I have melanoma. I can’t believe this! We both hugged each other and shed a few tears like we were long lost friends and then we sat in my living room with this incredible energy of love and at the same time disbelief of what had just transpired. It was a fantastic Aha moment for both of us.

I’m so grateful Heather has come into my life. We were supposed to meet to help each other, and I’m sure we will discover many more beautiful reasons why as life goes on. I will be there to guide Heather on her healing path, and she will help me with her architectural expertise to build my dream ocean view. How beautiful is that?

I have a ritual I say every morning. I ask for signs. “Show me a sign today that you are with me and guiding me on my journey, and make sure that I know without a shadow of a doubt that today’s sign has come from you.” Heather was my sign.

Heather was my sign

God, your higher power and the Universe work in mysterious ways. Please join us over here in the comments section and share your serendipity stories.

Yesterday, Heather and I met for tea in her wonderful architect offices which happen to be 4 miles from my house. Heather called me “spunky.” I’ve heard people describe me as “spunky” many times in my life. I’m not one to take NO for an answer!

I’m a straightforward person. Call it how it is. I always speak my mind, so you know where you stand with me. Some times my “spunkiness” has got me in trouble, but mostly it has been my lifesaver helping me to cope with significant heartbreak and tragedy.

I find people who are afraid to speak their minds challenging because I know deep down inside they want to be their true authentic self and one day the truth will come out and catch me off guard.

When you are a direct person, you never get stuck in victim mode.

We need to be direct and go for what we want when we are dealing with cancer and our choices of therapies. Heather knows this journey only too well and has done a fantastic job recently of taking charge of her life and making some tough decisions about her healing path. She had to change her belief structure and go within to find her way to heal. This takes strength and directness. Heather has made an amazing step forward to true healing, and I very much look forward to working with her and sharing her story as it unfolds to help you stand up, be strong and believe in you and live your truth.

When I was young, I would watch my mother play manipulative games with people. She never showed who she was deep down inside. Not even to my father. Valerie would hide her true self because she didn’t love herself and never felt good enough. I found this sad and vowed and declared as a young girl that I would never be that way. I was going to share my true self with people whether they liked it or not.

You feel so much more empowered to live your best life and follow your dreams when you are your true authentic self, warts and all!

Direct people own their power. This doesn’t mean that you have to be aggressive or overly opinionated. Just live your truth and be proud of who you are and what qualities you have to bring to this world to help others.

Get comfortable with your truth – your inner being, and you will attract more direct loving people into your life.

You can relax more when direct people surround you because they will always be who you know them to be.

Prue’s quote of the day: “Be direct; live your truth and life will become so much easier.”

To the supreme Gods, the highest of the high, I am so blessed and grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you here at Prue’s Place for being part of our special community.

Love you,

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