It’s Time to Soul Search

Soul Searching

Good morning lovely you, and hello to your soul,

The sun is shining here in the North East, but it’s still a bit cold today. I can feel the slow change happening as we move from our dark winter months into a brighter lighter spring. It is such a good feeling.

My tea is made, and little Zuzu is fed and being entertained by a beautiful Cardinal on our bird feeder. What a life!

When do you soul search? 

Is it for small things or more significant things, maybe both?

When we have a significant decision to make like what therapies are right for me to heal my cancer, we must soul search and ask many questions.

Is this good for me?

Is this what I want to do?

Is this what I need?

Does this feel right for me?

Am I controlled by outside influences that don’t know me?

Am I being constrained by what I should do, what is protocol and not listening to my soul?

Is it my beliefs, my family history that is impeding my true thoughts and desires?

All of the above questions need to be asked.

To question one’s healing or path in life is healthy. It is not selfish or wrong like some people think. You know your body better than anyone. So dig deep and don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t do anything that is in the best interests of someone else no matter who they are.

This is your beautiful life, and your mind, body, and soul want you to listen up so pay attention. 

We must participate in being the leader of our life. Take charge and do what is good for you and what feels right.

Prue’s thought for the day: “Today I love myself unconditionally and I put all other’s aside and act in my own best interests. I will take charge of my life and do it in the most understanding and truthful way. I will ask the questions to my soul and take responsibility for my life choices, and I will follow through with my decisions. So be it. So be it. So be it.”

I know you will have an amazing day today!

Love you,

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