Just relax will ya! Breathe and heal

Just relax will ya! Why should I relax?

Just relax will ya!

We tense up and tighten up out of sheer habit during our day. We don’t even know we do it. Certain things make us automatically tense up our neck, shoulders and back and this produces shallow breathing, which creates tension. When we become mindful of our habits, we can relax more.

Learn to relax more during your day.

Find things to help you relax. Here are some of my favorites – Hot bath with Epsom salts, sauna, steam room, a massage, walking, meditating and my breathing techniques.

Sit quietly and breath – Inhale and count to 7 – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Hold for 2 counts – 1,2, Exhale for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Repeat. How do you feel now?

When you become relaxed take note of how you feel. Memorize that lovely feeling so you can recall it and carry it throughout your day.

Your body wants to heal

Take a moment today to check in on your tension levels and visualize warmth and ease flowing over every part of your body that feels tense. Our body naturally wants to relax and feel comfortable. It wants to heal. So let it.

Our life force energy needs to flow with ease. Honor your life healing force today and see it move like a sea of waves throughout your body.

I started writing today and realized that this is what I desperately need right now with these “killer” new dance classes. Every muscle in my body hurts this morning! Relax Prue, just relax and breathe.

Have a relaxing day.

Love you,

Breathing is healing - Just relax will ya!






Prue’s thought of the day: “Open up to the abundant source of healing energy from our magnificent universe. There is an endless supply just waiting for you from the highest of the high – the supreme God. The universe is filled to the brim with healing energy so go and get it.”

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