I have no words for how grateful and honored to have wonderful people supporting me on my journey. From world-renowned wellness industry experts and New York Times best sellers, to global speaking experts and clients. For the kind words I’ve received from those who have put their trust in me.

A very heartfelt thank you.


“The keys to how one performs in any area of your life is having a capable life coach and showing up for practice. Prudence can be your guide and coach through her resources and wisdom.”

Bernie Siegel, MD
Internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer.
Retired Surgeon, Yale New Haven Hospital. Author & New York Times best seller, Love, Medicine and Miracles.


“I’ve known Prue for nearly a decade. She was ahead of the curve in the 80’s when she researched and studied the relationship between anti-inflammatory diets, fish oils and cancer.

Prue was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer 3 decades ago – she was given 6 months to live by her oncologist.

She began a focused action plan that included strict anti-inflammatory foods, fish oils and meditation. This is why she is alive today.

Prue is a certified Zone Health Coach and has personally accomplished the desired AA/EPA ratio test result. She’s living proof that nutrition is powerful medicine.

Prue understands how to motivate and educate you about the power of nutrition and how to heal your life.

Get educated — sign up for one of Prue’s programs.”

Dr. Barry Sears
Leading Research Scientist & author of the #1 New York Times best seller, The Zone, which started anti-inflammatory nutrition.


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter for Prudence Sinclair. I have known Prudence for over 3 decades. Prudence arrived at our clinic in mid 80’s with Stage 4 metastatic malignant melanoma. She underwent our multifaceted cancer protocol including live cell therapy, and vitamin therapy.

Prudence returned to the clinic in 1989 with her husband to tell me she was pregnant and excited about having her first child. It was a very sad day for all when I advised her not to have the baby because of her history. Even though we had formally told her she was in remission, the pregnancy would have added tremendous stress to her newly healing body and raise her estrogen levels excessively.

She was devastated with the news and went back to Australia to get a second opinion from her local doctor. He concurred that it would be very dangerous for her to continue with the pregnancy.

Prudence has been through many monumental hurdles to survive and was an outstanding patient who asked questions about everything and more importantly studied and participated 101% in every aspect of her healing. She researched the world for evidence-based alternative complementary care and became CEO of her own health and healing.

Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD.
International Bio Care
Hospital & Wellness Cen


“Prudence represents a dynamic force of her own and that positive force transcends to those around her. Her gentle prodding and educational reminders are presented in the most kind and caring manner – she truly wants her fellow human being to experience a healthier way to live, both spiritually and physically.

I became involved with Prudence’s first startup, Corpwellbeing, when she was years ahead of the employee wellness as employee engagement connection. Similarly, Prue helped pave the way for acceptance of holistic and integrative healthcare solutions stemming from her early life experience facing terminal cancer.

My father had melanoma for the past several years and I am so thankful for Prue’s sage counseling for dealing with the stress surrounding his condition and for her helpful words right through to his passing. Anyone would be lucky to have Prudence’s assistance – but most of all you need her on your side.”

Sue Watson
Watson Communications Group


“Prudence Sinclair is a real health strategist who is also a really terrific speaker! Her down-to-earth style puts her emotional content into logical order, so her listeners are with her the whole way. She is inspiring without being self-indulgent – she is right there with her audience every moment.”

Mimi Donaldson
Internationally-renowned speaker and speech coach


Listen to every bit of healing advice ‪Prudence Sinclair‬ gives or suggests!

Prudence has been instrumental in getting my own heath difficulties under control through her tremendous knowledge and positive coaching approach. Find her website and learn to live healthier and happier! She’s the best!”

‪Joe Shiel‬