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Loneliness is a silent killer.

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Did you know that one in five people suffer from loneliness and isolation? Recent research shows that these feelings can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, depression and many other illnesses.

Your emotional health matters.

Emotions matter more than you realize. You go to your Oncologist because they are experts in cancer drugs – the physical part of cancer. Oncologists did not study nutrition, emotional health and the mind-body connection in medical school. So, you must become educated on how to heal your whole health – your whole life. I requires surrounding yourself with the right healing team.

Your emotional health is the missing link to long-term survival so make it your quest assume the responsibility and find a way to heal the whole of you. Just like I did. There is a myriad of ways for you to heal emotionally.  Start here with my 4-part free video presentation.

The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.
—Norman Cousins

What happens when the brain senses loneliness?

Questions arise when the brain senses loneliness. Why am I feeling this way? Why am I not loved? Why am I a loser? All the negative chatter, Buddha called this the drunken monkey mind.

When you are feeling lonely, this is the time to re-evaluate how you currently live your life and put into action social events that will make you happy and engaged in your life.

If you are living with cancer or a cancer survivor, there will be many times you’ll feel isolated and lonely. You may even feel alone in a crowd or amongst family and friends. You may hear yourself saying, “No one understands what I am going through.” “I’m all alone.” or perhaps “No one gives a sh@t about me.” That’s what this angry 20 something girl said!

Emotions and Cancer

Some of us with a cancer diagnosis get frustrated and annoyed when our friends and family say the wrong things or don’t do enough to help us. Then we feel bad asking for help, and our caregivers feel helpless because they don’t know what to do. We sometimes feel we are fighting this battle all on our own. It can be a tough road emotionally.

When you have cancer, you can lose friends and family, people who were very close to you. They don’t know what to say or do for you and slowly drift away. This can be devastating and you feel even more isolated and lonely.

I remember one day when I was shopping at the supermarket in Perth, Australia and I was feeling on top of the world. (Here I was with stage 4 malignant melanoma cancer; my skin was glowing, my eyes as clear as could be – I was my perfect weight and running 5 miles a day.) I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time, and when she saw me, she gasped and quickly tried to hide her reaction. She said, “Oh, Prue, I’ve mean meaning to come by and see you. How are you? You are so thin. Is it The Big C? We couldn’t even say the word cancer back then.

Jeez, my incredible high vibrational energy crashed to the floor. I was dumbfounded, and it took me awhile to get my head around what she had just said. Politely, I told her I was doing great, and the new raw veggie diet I was on was helping me heal my cancer.

At this time in my life, I was newly married and lived on my own most of the time because my husband was working overseas as an engineer in the oil industry 28 days on – 28 days off. I didn’t venture out of the house much because I knew people would bring me down. They didn’t understand what I was doing. How could they? I was a pioneer – ahead of the curve back then.

Isolation helped me heal.

It was my choice to spend time on my own and only socialize with people who supported me 100%, and there were not many of those people around 30 years ago! Most people thought I was delusional for treating my cancer with food and mindful techniques. I overheard someone say once, “what a load of bloody woo-woo nonsense. She’s not going to make it.”

Loneliness is a silent killer - www.pruesplace.orgI immersed myself in a focused, mindful healing routine for 3 years; I found myself spending more and more time on my own. It was a lonely time for sure, but I soon realized that for me to get well, I had to go within. I looked at loneliness as a necessity to healing my life.

No Internet or FB groups back then where we could gather online from all over the world and be supported and educated by like-mind doctors, soulful survivors and caring people.

I’m thrilled to announce our brand new Private Group on FB. I invite you to join me and our doctor friends, people learning how to prevent cancer, soulful survivors and people struggling with cancer and other illnesses. Click here to belong to our private community. Share your story, your inner thoughts and your life with us – become more social and stop the loneliness! And become inspired to stick with your healing program. Learn what others are doing to save their lives. You will find me there every day with tips, techniques, and treats. All new members get a gift from me – my hour of power healing mp3. Daily Walk & Talk. This is where you give gratitude for each day and practice powerful dolphin breathing – Question and Affirm your life and kick it up with some light exercise. (optional) See you there lovely you.

Being social is vitally important to your overall health but so is being alone.

Quiet time alone let’s you listen to the magic of the whispers within. It’s a balancing act. Yin-yang.

A day in your life. What does that look like?

Take some time now if you can and grab a journal or piece of paper and pen, sit quietly and write everything down about your daily life. How are you living your life right now? Write down every aspect of your day in a journal – hour by hour and schedule in social events with people who bring you joy and uplift your spirits.

Stop running around after everyone else and doing things you do not want to do. Do only the things that bring you bliss. I know this will be hard in the beginning and you may even think it is selfish. PLEASE… It is NOT selfish at all because when we take care of ourselves first, we will be better equipped to take care of others.

To think that putting ourselves first is being selfish is a family belief structure that started from our childhood, and it doesn’t serve us well. Let’s change our beliefs and the expression of our genes (Epigenetics), so we can heal our life.

Always remember, you are the most important person in the world, and the biggest job you have right now is to save your life. Please make your family understand this important fact so you can be there for them in the future – a new healthier vibrant you.

Finding a balance between loneliness and being overly social.

Isolation can be painful and at the same time is necessary to heal your life, so, embrace it. Too much isolation and you feel lonely, depressed and unloved. Too much socializing and you feel worn out because other people have drained your energy. You feel depleted and need to recharge your batteries! Too much of one or the other is not healthy and can cause havoc with your immune system.

Please seek professional help if you are overwhelmed with loneliness and feeling depressed.

Speak up with kindness

Some people find themselves with way too much social inclusion and overly supportive friends, you know the ones that mean well but just drive you crazy. This is damaging to your health, so I suggest speaking up with kindness. Let them know what you need to heal your life. I know this can be difficult sometimes so here is a suggestion for you.

Tell your loved ones and friends…I need to give myself permission just to be. I need to schedule relaxing techniques, meditation and prayer into my daily life. This requires me to be on my own sometimes so I can heal my body. I hope you understand that I need to schedule this quiet time just for me. It is essential for my healing.

Going within with Bernie

I scheduled 4 hours a day for inner work. Finding Dr. “Bernie” Siegel’s cassette tapes (showing my age; it was the 80’s!) in the Perth library was not a coincidence! These meditations started me on my quest to allow my mind to heal my body and to imagine myself well in the future helping others. This blessing is here right now in my reality, and this is my wish for you. Life is magical – keep believing.

Here’s an amazing interview with my special friend Dr. “Bernie” Siegel the pioneer of mind medicine. If you haven’t read his book Mind, Medicine & Miraclesyou can purchase it here. If you buy through my site the proceeds will be donated to our new charity where we pay for people in need to get a massage, Reiki or healing treatment of their choice. Thank you for supporting us.

Watch my amazing interview with Bernie. It’s all about self-love – self worth and other wise words of wisdom. We have a few laughs and check out the surprise visitor at 14:26 (hahaha!)


Excessive isolation and loneliness create illness while feelings of love, care and being supported by like-minded people lead to vibrant health. You are the best judge of your feelings and emotions so put a plan together to fight the mental and emotional habits of loneliness. Yes, it will take some work, but the results will be worthwhile, just like changing your diet and exercise habits are going to help heal your life.

Here are 11 great ideas to shatter your loneliness:

1. Go for a walk or better yet put your headset on and go for your Daily Walk & Talk. (download your gift here) You can’t be sad or feel sick and lonely when you are in gratitude.?

2. Write out your own affirmations or my Question & Affirm. It is important to change your state and this can happen in seconds with the right tools.

3. EFT – Emotional Healing Technique – you are welcome to follow along with this one I created for you here.

4. Start thinking about and seeing in your mind all the people in your life who care about you. Bring these people into a circle – your circle of love.

5. Pick up the phone and call a friend who makes you laugh and brings you joy. Yes, the last time I checked we still had phones, and they ring!! Texting or emailing won’t cut it. You need to hear their voice and feel their loving energy over the phone.

6. Go to a meet-up in your town about something that fascinates you. Something you have meant to explore for some time.

7. What are your hobbies? Find people who love what you love and schedule the time to go to movies together – knitting classes – art classes – biking or hiking trips – the symphony. Choose fun stuff you love to do.

8. Accept the fact that you are feeling lonely – embrace it and curl up with a great book. You are gonna be OK!

9. Take a hot soak in the bath with your favorite essential oil. My fav is lavender.

10.Take a yoga class – get a massage or a Reiki session.

11. Do a kind act for someone and keep it to yourself because an anonymous act of kindness will bring you so much joy and an incredible feeling of love of self – no one else can love you as you can. ?

Wake up every day with love, passion & gratitude,

P.S. l love hearing from you so please leave a comment below. It can be lonely on this side of the blog!! Your comments always bring a smile to my face and brighten up my day![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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