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Marci Shimoff and Prudence Sinclair – Finding Gold in the Dark

Marci Shimoff and Prudence Sinclair –  Finding Gold in the Dark

The FREE Summit Series has begun:  Finding Gold in the Dark.

Today we have Marci Shimoff and me. Marci is speaking about how we can shift out of darkness by learning strategies that actually allow us to experience more happiness. All of us have set points to what we can receive whether what we are trying to receive love, money, happiness, or whatever else may be important.

Marci specializes in moving our set point regarding how good we can feel by sharing with you:

– The integral component that has a HUGE impact on your
happiness that you can begin impacting immediately
– Exercises to begin to move your happiness set point
– The #1 way to get out of a crisis
– Re-defining what truly creates happiness

Now, our 2nd feature is talking about the darkness that
comes from a health crisis. When illness or disease occurs,
a reaction that most feel is a huge dark cloud looming over
you. Expert and crusader Prudence Sinclair has personally
gone through overcoming the darkness of disease and she has
amazing information to share to those of you, who may be
struggling with illness, including:

-What you can do if given six months to live
-Understanding the impact of stress on disease and what
you can do about it
-What it means to love your medicine
-How to create an action plan to overcome illnesss

Read more about these two powerful women below and click the links to watch the interviews by Michelle Bersell http://iiee.training.

Marci_Shimoff_headshot_lgMarci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times best-selling author

and world-renowned transformational teacher. Her books include
the international bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy
for No Reason. She is also the woman’s face of the biggest
self-help book phenomenon in history, as co-author of the
Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series.
With book sales of more than 15 million copies worldwide in
33 languages, Marci is one o f the bestselling female
nonfiction authors of all time. She is also a featured
teacher in the film and book sensation The Secret, as well
as a faculty member of The International Institute for
Emotional Empowerment (IIEE). To watch Marci’s interview,
go here now:

High res with blue shirt was brownPrudence Sinclair is founder of Love Your Medicine,

a company dedicated to educating people on integrative,
alternative, holistic and self-healing methodologies. She
refers to her programs as “common sense medicine”. Prudence
titles herself as the Wisdom Wellness Guru after 25 years of
research and practicing those methodologies, (which she
attributes to her remission.) Twenty-five years ago in her
20’s, she was diag nosed with stage-four metastatic malignant
melanoma and given six months to live. After undergoing
several surgeries, she left her home in Australia and flew
halfway around the world on a journey to find focused
comprehensive health solutions that would help her to better
understand the immense challenges ahead. “When I heard those
four magic words ‘You are in remission’ I became inspired
and ignited,” said Prudence. Now Prudence’s life mission is
to help others and share her healing treatment discoveries.
To watch Prudence’s interview, go here now:

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