Spiritual Mediums, and The Unseen World Around You

I had another topic ready to go for today’s blog post, but another idea has just come to me after watching my little Zuzu chase something unseen (to me anyway) for nearly 15 minutes. Lets talk about Spiritual Mediums!

At first, I didn’t know what she was doing and was even slightly concerned. Was she having a seizure? Was she in pain? She was very animated and sort of jumping around in an odd way. I went to her and held her for a second and she seemed fine, if not slightly annoyed that I had interrupted whatever the hell it was that she was doing.

As I continued to watch, it became clear that she was trying to catch something, though I couldn’t see anything. Finally, after about 7 minutes of watching her acrobatics, I saw it… the tiniest, and I mean the tiniest bug I have ever seen/not seen. I don’t know what kind of bug it was and I don’t know if she has caught it or not. All I know is, I could not see something that was clearly there.

Spiritual Mediums: The world around us is full of unseen spirits and influences.

Because I couldn’t see it, I thought that something was wrong. But it wasn’t. Once the unseen became seen, I saw that not only was Zuzu okay, she was having a blast doing what cats do – hunting.

When the invisible becomes more visible in our lives, we can live with a sense that things aren’t as wrong as we perceive them to be; that things are usually, in fact, very okay.

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I didn’t see that bug, but it existed. We can’t see our own breath, but we are alive. We don’t see the wind unless it bumps up against something else like tree limbs or laundry hanging out to dry. But the wind exists.

Most people deny they have invisible angelic helpers in their lives because they can’t see them. How much more right would life feel if you could actually sense these helpers working on your behalf? Embracing the outlook of spiritual mediums means really opening yourself up to the idea that there are unseen beings who are influencing your life.

Change Your Perspective – Change Your Life

What we see and don’t see is often a case of perspective. An ant can see the leaf it is crawling on, but not the entire tree the leaf has grown out from. The ant also can’t really see the person sitting underneath the tree. The person sitting underneath the tree can’t see the ant all the way up there. But the ant, the tree, and the person all exist.

Some people have been given a gift and have a more active sixth sense than others. This allows them to seek and receive guidance from the unseen world. But anyone can tune into this invisible realm and receive the guidance they need. All that is required is a deep desire to connect and an open heart.

How can you begin to see the unseen? How do you tune in with that first step in embracing the outlook of mediums in your own life?

Tune Out

Our ancestors were far more tuned into the invisible world, and many cultures had honored spiritual mediums as leaders. But in our modern times, we are distracted by noise from technology and 24/7 media. It’s madness, there are just far too many senseless shiny objects in the world that fight for our attention. And these shiny objects usually win!

It’s time to stop the noise. Stop watching so much television. Stop spending countless hours on social media. Is any of it really feeding your spirit? No, it’s really not. It’s just distracting you from developing a relationship with God, the Universe, or your higher power.

Tune In

Once the noise level comes down in your life, it’s time to go inward. Commit to meditation practice. You needn’t spend hours every day meditating, just 10-15 minutes can do wonders to lift the veil and connect you to the invisible world.

There are many different ways you can choose to meditate. I would say to explore the different methods. Take a class. listen to some freebie guided meditations on Youtube, or download some of mine and see what you enjoy the most.


Spend time each day talking to God and your angels. This doesn’t have to be in the form of formal prayer… just talk. How do you talk to your best friend or your mother or sister or bother? Talk to God, your angels/runners like that. Tell them how your day went (though they know). Ask for help and guidance. And most importantly, say THANK YOU for all the wonderful things in your life.


Be ready to receive messages from the unseen world. Expect them and you will SEE them. Messages will come in your dreams. Messages will arrive through pets and nature. Through songs suddenly played on the radio. Through your intuition. Be ready for them!

Sometimes in life we get caught up in the ugly and messy. But when we connect to the invisible world, we have clarity of vision to see just how wonderful and beautiful life really is.

If you are looking to delve deeper into mediums or to receive a spiritual reading, please contact my long time friend and well-known International Medium and Spirit Artist, Rev. Joe Shiel. Tell him I sent you. He has a very interesting 4-part series online right now…”Do You Have Psychic Ability?”

If you want to know more about the kinds of books I’m reading, you can always head over to my favorite books list!


Prue Sinclair 

2 Responses

  1. Prue,

    I was fascinated to read about you. I was also Stage 4 Melanoma 30 years ago, and I was told 3 times that I had 6 months to live. After the first telling I went to a bookstore and the first book I picked up was “Love, Medicine, and Miracles” by Bernie. I also helped myself a lot by not trusting doctors, or, better put, by trusting the right ones. I was one of the first 20 people to try out monoclonal antibodies, and, for me, they worked. I combined that with Bernie and with the book “The Type C Connection: The Behavioral LInks to Cancer and Your Health” by Lydia Temoshok.


    Murray Nabors

    1. Hi Murray,

      How wonderful to hear from you and to read your story of survivorship. Bernie is so wonderful and has become a very special friend. I will send along your note to him.

      Please tell us more about the your journey. We have many people in our community
      with melanoma that would love to hear more about your amazing journey back to wellness. I’d also be happy to share it on my blog so we can help others. .

      Love always,

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