Meet Prudence (Prue) Sinclair

Prue’s “Save Your Life” system

My personal cancer journey began when Australian doctors diagnosed me with stage 4 cancer – malignant nodular melanoma – and gave me six months to live. That was over 3 decades ago.

After several surgeries that failed and the option of chemotherapy, I decided to research the world for a more holistic approach to healing.  I was scared out of my friggin’ mind, as you can imagine. I was in my early 20s and someone who had spent much of her time living a fun  carefree life partying with my friends. Now here I was flying around the world to find focused, comprehensive health solutions that would help me understand the immense challenges ahead of me. Oh, and help me not die.

Tragic Moments Turn into Magic Moments

My life up until my cancer diagnosis hadn’t been all fun and games. Only months before my father had been tragically killed by a teenage drunk driver. It was devastation I had never known before or since. I didn’t know how to grieve, so all that grief got trapped inside me, and I became a very angry young woman, which we now know is a major cause of dis-ease.

Months later I was diagnosed with cancer and told to “get my affairs in order.”
During my first marriage, the “good” one, I became happily pregnant. I was told by my doctors I had to terminate the pregnancy, or I would die even sooner.There is even more ugliness…

I lost my savings and financial Investments, divorced twice and in and out of ridiculously toxic relationships. How toxic? Calling the police and getting a restraining order kind of toxic! It would be safe to say that in my previous life, my heart and mind were as unhealthy as my body. But the tragic moments of that life have become the magic moments of this one.

I let go of relationships in my life that were not in my best interest, and I learned to forgive others and myself. I learned we need to forgive the toxic people we encounter in our lives before we can heal, find our purpose and passion, and move on with grace – learning from that challenge.

Sharing The Many Truths I Have Learned On My Journey

In my travels, I’ve met some fantastic people: gurus, religious-spiritual leaders, Shamans, Ph.D.’s, scientists, and doctors who were guinea pigs for their own creative medical inventions. I’ve visited and studied the customs and philosophies of Hawaiians, Maoris – Polynesian culture, Aborigines from Australia, Mexican, Brazilian, Hungarian, Indian, South East Asian gurus and spiritualists and ancient European cultures. I’ve studied a plethora of meditation techniques, creative imagery, enlightenment programs, nutrition, and metabolic therapies, and the connection between illness and our emotional health.

I’ve learned the lifetime benefits of meditation – the power of our mind and how our thoughts quite literally create our future. I also learned how to control silent inflammation and stabilize my blood sugars with the right foods.

My cancer was my wake-up call, and it inspired me to learn how to love myself with great self-care. I thank God for my path. It has been a tough road, but I would not be the person I am today without my adversity. When I heard those four magic words, “you are in remission,” I became a crusader. All I wanted to do was help others. I mean, when you’ve researched the world for 25 years searching for innovative, evidence-based therapies, diets, and tools and have found things that work, you want to share them to help others and offer hope.

That’s why three decades ago, in Perth, Australia, I founded a metabolic, nutritional mind-body clinic and was a featured guest on Australian T.V. and radio shows. I ran seminars all across the country, as well as in New Zealand and America. 

I now live in America and help people to find treatments that resonate with them. I’m so grateful and blessed to spend my life inspiring, informing and igniting people to find their inner and outer path to optimum health, healing, and happiness. You have to believe in your choice of medicine.

I’m literally living proof that we all have the power to heal ourselves and shape our destinies.

Join my community and sign up for my blog. I write every Thursday (Thoughtful Thursdays) with love, inspiration, education/resources from 3 decades of wisdom. I also have a Facebook page available, for daily inspiration and mindfulness.

I’m here for you.

With love, gratitude and wellbeing,