How Are YOU Really Coping with COVID-19?

How Are YOU Really Coping with COVID-19? Do you have mindfulness techniques prepared?

Hello Lovely You,

Sadly, I’m hearing about many people who are struggling emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually right now.

Are the drunken monkeys taking over your brain?

Is it a long straight, smooth clear road ahead or a torrential downpour?

Sometimes our lives are like a long straight paved smooth road. We know exactly where we are going, and we feel amazing. We see our future in beautiful bright techno colors. Other times our lives feel like we are driving in a torrential downpour where it’s dark and dismal, and our windscreen wipers can’t keep up with the rain and fog. The road curves steeply around the mountains as the torrential rain hits the windscreen, and we can’t see far in front of us, so we slow down.

How far can you see in front of you today?

If it’s one of those torrential downpour days, stop speeding and slow the heck down! Remember to breathe. Sit for a while become centered and breathe in and breathe out. Listen to your inner being because guidance is all around you. On these dark days only go as far as you can see and know that’s where you are meant to be.

Be still and ask for guidance, and you’ll soon hear what your next steps are meant to be. Trust.

It may be an instant knowing, or it may take some time. Just sit and be still and keep your focus on your breath in and your breath out. When the crazy thoughts come and believe me the “drunken monkeys” are showing up in full force right now during these unprecedented times. Please recognize those negative thoughts and ask them to gently go away. See them floating away, up, up, up, and away and come back to center – back to the stillness – back to your breath in and your breath out.

Listen to your heartbeat and thank your heart for everything it does. Tell your heart how grateful you are. Keep learning more mindfulness techniques. Keep listening. Keep breathing!

Just a little bit of trust from you and guidance will be there The Unseen World Around You. The road will become more clear.

Love always,


3 Responses

  1. I was getting too familiar with the drunken monkeys but then realized I could get them to wander off when I would walk a path in the woods that was gentle enough to be comfortable but challenging enough that I have to focus where I walk and be present. Thank you for the reminders. It was really getting sticky there for a while. I need these reminders at the ready.

    1. You are most welcome, April. We are all feeling the pinch of this challenging time. We are social beings and it is not emotionally healthy for us to be locked up for months with very little “real” social interaction. We are all going through the same disfunction and concerns right now. Some days we need a little nudge to get back on track some days we are doing great. Let’s help each other get through this together. Blessings.

  2. How are you feeling? This is a tough time for all of us. Our emotional well-being is challenged and we keep getting tested. What are you doing to stay well?

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