Music can heal your soul

Music – Music – Music

When did you last sit back and relax to beautiful music? Sundays are great days for this! Music can heal your soul.

Music affects the mind, body, and soul in many healing ways. It has to be the right music – something you love. Add music to your day and feel the stress drifting away!

Music is a great stress reliever, and you can listen to music every day. It doesn’t take any time to put on a tune you love. It doesn’t take time away from your busy schedule.

I studied classical piano for 15 years. Music is a backdrop for my life. You will always find classical, calming, spiritual sometimes funky or jumpy music playing in my house. You may find me dancing around my living room by myself enjoy the beat!! Music calms me down immediately. Music can heal your soul.

This holiday season put together your own stations on Pandora or customize your playlist for every activity in your life, ready to implement in the New Year. I know this works and well worth the time to set it up.

3 Tips To Heal Your Life With Music:

1. Classical or instrumental music will help you wake up feeling calm and focused.

2. If you have a demanding day and need an extra jolt to get you going in the morning put on some rock and roll or something jumpy – find your genre and get a playlist started.

3. Put together some tunes for the road. What do you do when someone cuts you off in traffic? I don’t think I want to know!!! Hahaha! You can make driving in traffic easier when you have the right playlist or switch the radio to the classical station. Driving can become a significant part of your day when you plan and are prepared with your perfect playlist. You will arrive less stressed and more prepared to take on what awaits you.

Here’s your holiday music gift from our dear friend Kevin Roth – Stage 3 Melanoma survivor.

Put on some music on today and chill out lovely you!

Love you,


Try the “Lovely You Series” and take better care of yourself over the holidays.

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