Our WILL is Powerful Whether We Want to Live or Die

Good morning, lovely you!

I missed sending the blog out for a few days last week because I was in Miami at the funeral of a young 37-year-old woman, who decided many months ago to sabotage her precious life. I knew this young woman, and it was a somber farewell. She had everything she could ever want for in this life and some. Her father would have bought her the world if she had asked for it. Unfortunately, she decided she didn’t want to live, so there was absolutely NOTHING we could do to help her. Love, caring, support, all the money in the world, NOTHING could be done to change her destiny.

It didn’t matter how many private therapy sessions, holistic programs – mindfulness courses or prescriptions. There was nothing anyone could do to change her mind because she didn’t want to live.

Our WILL is powerful, whether we want to live or die. We are all masters of our own destiny. 

It was a Jewish funeral, and a metaphysical spiritualist gave the Eulogy. That would be me. After the service, the Rabbi came up to me and complimented me on a fantastic speech. This young women’s father and sister told me I caught their daughter/sister’s essence so well They told me I was in the wrong profession and needed to be a motivational speaker. A friend of the deceased who attended the funeral called his friend in Boston who trains people for Ted Talks and put my name forward. Is this a sign? Maybe I need to do more public speaking engagements. I am willing to open up my heart and let spirit guide the way.

This is how I ended my eulogy:

Please repeat “Karen, We Let You Go” after each line:

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine,

“Karen, we let you go.”

Into the dance of the stars and the planets

“Karen, we let you go.”

Into the wind’s breath and the hands of the star maker

“Karen, we let you go.”

We love you, we miss you, we want you to be happy

“Karen, we let you go.”

Go safely, go dancing, go running home

“Karen, we let you go.”

Today, we know you are intertwined with the Infinite spirit and for this:

“Karen, we let you go.”

Karen, you are free to soar above the oceans and sky.

Fly high with the angels and let God shower you with love.

Peace be with you.

We continue today with our series: Finding Englightenment

How is your journey toward obtaining enlightenment for healing going? Though none of us will probably ever reach the kind of enlightenment ancient masters reached, we can still gain a wealth of wisdom that will help us transform our health and the rest of our lives.

But I know the path toward enlightenment is riddled with stones and tree roots, just waiting for us to trip on. I have tripped and fallen many times myself. There is nothing to be ashamed of about falling. The key is to get up, dust yourself off, and keep going toward the light.

In my experience and the experience of many people I’ve spoken to over the years, there are some common roadblocks to enlightenment, and I’m going to share some of those with you now.


Have you ever tried to walk on your hands while juggling? It can’t be done. You also can’t find enlightenment while worrying about your future. I have found that enlightenment comes easier and faster with relaxation than with tension. So do your very best to let the anxiety move away from you.

The great thing is, meditation can help you to feel calm and relaxed while tapping into a higher consciousness where enlightenment lives. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it: you must absolutely begin a meditation practice. When it comes to cancer-self-help, meditation is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Low Self-Esteem

There are many people whose self-esteem is so low, they don’t feel they deserve much of anything good in life. They don’t deserve good health, good relationships, good finances. So why would they be worthy of enlightenment?

Self-love, self-care, and self-compassion are more powerful than any medicine on the planet. You are made of love. That is not a woo-woo statement, that is fact. Scientists can call it energy, but those who have crossed over to the other side and come back… have ALL said all there is love.

You are love. That’s how lovable and worthy you are of everything wonderful in your life. The loving force that creates everything only wants to give you what you want (AKA what you THINK you deserve).

So start to know your worth. Start to truly and deeply understand your value. When that inner critic says, “What makes you think you deserve to be happy, healthy and enlightened?” you yell back, “God does!!

Energy Suckers

It’s hard to be in the right mental, spiritual and heart space to receive enlightenment when you feel stressed out from toxic relationships. Do you spend time with people that just seem to suck the very life force out of you?

You must get away from these energy suckers. Not only do they make you sick, but they also keep you in a negative state of being. Like attracts like. Negative/dark cannot attract enlightenment. Avoid these people like the plague!!!!

Here are some ways you can commit even further and deeper to your journey toward enlightenment:

Find Your Inner Voice

Sometimes we can feel lonely on our path toward enlightenment and true healing. Friends and loved ones we thought were in our corner can leave us in our greatest time of need. And sometimes we just don’t feel much like being around others.

Your inner voice is not only your best guide, but also your best friend and champion throughout your journey. Call it your higher self, your angels, a departed loved one or God, your inner voice is pure and honest and will never lead you astray.

Make Healthy Boundaries

Your quest for enlightenment for true healing should be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY right now. What could possibly be more important? You may find others don’t understand your need for more alone time, and that’s okay. They don’t have to understand. It’s not their job to. But it IS your job to create healthy boundaries during this time to ensure you get the space and peace you need.

Feel More Awe and Wonder

During summer, when Dave and I take walks at night, he gets such a kick out of how absolutely enchanted I am with the fireflies. How could you not be?! I am essentially still 8-years old when I see them light up someone’s lawn. I am this way with all of nature. I am so completely floored with the natural world that I spend much of my day with my mouth agape, as if I have just seen a butterfly or a sunset for the very first time.

If you don’t remember the last time you felt like a kid, you’re not paying attention to the astounding world around you!! There is so much beauty in this world. So much for us to thrill at and be amazed by. I urge you to spend more time around nature.

Maybe for you, you feel awe and wonder at hearing Maria Calles sing or a Miles Davis solo. It doesn’t matter what it is, just get inspired and feel more joy and wonder at life.

And when you stumble on your path again, remember that I am right there, cheering you on and, as always, sending light and love.

Always remember, our WILL is powerful whether we want to live or die.

Many blessings,


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