Out of Fashion is Back in Fashion

Out of Fashion is Back in Fashion!

It’s interesting to see how different people prepare for winter. I have a friend who makes something called fire cider, which is a folk remedy and potent elixir to ward off colds and flus. If you like apple cider vinegar and spicy foods, you may want to think about making a batch of it yourself this winter. It’s a great immune booster.

Anyway, it hit me recently that so much of what our ancestors did, the wisdom they had, is completely lost on us. Back in the day families made fire cider and other herbal remedies from plants they grew themselves, and now we are supposed to take pills and potions made in a lab somewhere. Pharmaceutical drugs have become the norm and if you tell some people they can get pain relief or heal an illness from a weed that grows in their back yard, they look at you like you have 14 heads.

How is it that proven remedies can fall out of favor so easily? Most of our mothers made us eat liver a few times a week. Liver is a superfood unlike any other. When it comes to getting vitamins and minerals, not even fruits and veggies can touch the benefits of liver. Now, very few people eat it and many of us are walking around with vitamin and mineral deficiencies that make us tired and weak.

Another proven protocol that has fallen out of fashion is Live Cell Therapy. Live cell therapy was a treatment protocol that was pioneered back in the early 1900s. Cellular therapy was a proven method of healing the body of all sorts of things. It was actually very common decades ago for the rich and famous to fly off to clinics in exotic locations for ‘rejuvenation treatments.’

One of these clinics was in Switzerland and it was called the Dr. Paul Neihan Clinic. Dr. Neihan popularized what has since become known as Live Cell Therapy. Now this doctor was no quack. He had big people come to his clinic for his Live Cell treatments. People like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplain and the famous movie star Sophia Loren.

In the 1950s, Dr. Neihan invited someone named Dr. Kuhnau to work at the clinic with him. Dr. Kuhnau had also done similar research into cellular therapy and the two doctors developed a close relationship. Dr. Neihan died in 1972 and soon after, his clinic was rebranded and his treatments that were highly sought after by the rich and famous suddenly ‘fell out of favor.’

Dr. Kuhnau would eventually find his way to Mexico, which is where I met him over 30 years ago when I was battling stage 4 melanoma. I was his patient and he devised a live cell treatment protocol for me. I then returned to the clinic 2 years later and worked with him on his shark cartilage project.


Dr. Kuhnau and I became fast friends. He was an amazing man who was furthering his research on Live Cell Therapy. In Mexico, he began working with the Blue Shark because its gestation period is almost identical to that of human beings, and so the immunological stimulators in the first three months are the same as those of humans. Sharks also have 2 thymus glands and never get cancer.

I would go to Dr. Kuhnau’s house in La Playa – Rosarita Beach, Mexico where he had thousands of medical books. One day he asked me to drive him to San Diego to the shipping docks where he bought Shark embryos and cartilage. We put them on ice, loaded them into the car, and headed back across the border to Mexico to do research. I watched him inject himself with the first shark cartilage shot. His research proved it slowed down the progression of cancer. He was 80 years old when I knew him and a fascinating man.

Of course, most people have never heard of him or his work on Live Cell Therapy. Eight years of observation in almost 3,000 patients, and all of it documented in detail by my good friend, Dr. Kuhnau. Live Cell Therapy is safe and highly effective against cancer as well as chronic conditions such as infertility, asthma, Crohns Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis, Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis.

But this once renowned treatment, sought after by the rich and famous, has “fallen out of favor” and been replaced by surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and pills. Lots and lots of pills. I sarcastically doubt it has anything to do with profits.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get very tired of ‘modern medicine.’ I long to go back to the tried-and-true remedies that have been proven to ‘do no harm’ and enhance our immune systems and cure people of illness and disease.

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  1. Fantastic, Prue! Love this post 🙂
    One of my favorite remedies is garlic for a cold.
    I’m currently taking Rigvir injections for my melanoma. Straight from the website “RIGVIR is a live, non-pathogenic Picornaviridae genera, Enterovirus genus, ECHO group, type 7 virus that has not been genetically modified.” I wonder if it resembles or has a similar mechanism of action that the live virus that Dr. Kuhnau had.

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