Pass the Golden Scissors

Pass the Golden Scissors

Happy Friday, everyone.

We have been discussing this week how to attract angels instead of devils into your life and how to ditch toxic relationships so you can heal.

I believe we pick our parents, therefore, our family, when we are born. We choose what country and what environment we live in so we can learn our life lessons.

If a parent, relative, or friend is part of your soul family and harmful or toxic to your life, how and when do you cut the cord?

Perhaps these people have done so much damage that you don’t have any energy left to let go, and your mind can’t stop going over and over the hurt.

What do you do?

Bearing in mind, that you understand your life script that these people are in your life for many reasons and you need to learn what those reasons are and how you can move forward with peace and love in your heart.

What have you learned from these people or this person? Are you further ahead spiritually and emotionally than last year? Are you done? You are the only one who knows the answer to this? If the answer is yes, then you have the power and the ability to make the pain stop by severing the energetic cords that are causing your negative state of mind and ill health.

Everyone in your life or people we invite into our life, wrap their energetic cords around you. Some cords are temporary and float off on their own in time. You may feel when these cords have been severed. Other cords stick like superglue and drive you crazy. These are the cords you need to sever. You are well aware of what these cords are doing to your life. It’s time to let go.

Pass the Golden Scissors

Golden Scissor Cord Cutting Ritual

How do we cut the spiritual cords with someone we no longer want in our lives. I will share with you below a simple cord-cutting ritual that you can do. It may only take one time, and you will feel free and more powerful. It may take multiple times. It would help if you had a firm intention and belief. See in your mind the Golden Scissors cutting the cord.

Cutting unwanted cords is a gentle process that is best done alone in alpha or theta brain waves (meditation.) It is essential that you have a firm intention when you sever the cord.

Here are the steps for a Spiritual Cord Cutting ritual:

  1. Find a comfortable position with your feet on the ground. Gently close your eyes and concentrate on your breath in and breath out. Relax…Relax…Relax…and visualize or sense the cords that are connecting you to the person you wish to release.
  2. In your mind, see and touch the cords you wish to severe.
  3. Visualize the cords in your hand.
  4. Ask your healing angels or guides to pass you the golden scissors.
  5. See yourself holding the golden scissors and cleanly cutting the cord. If you see the cord wrapping around you, cut the cord again. Keep cutting until it is severed completed.
  6. Some people ask for assistance from Archangel Michael with his sword. Some ask their angels and guides. Do what feels right for you and what you believe.
  7. Sense how you feel after the cord has been cut. Do you think there are spaces left in your energy field? If so, visualize those spaces filled with healing white light.
  8. Give thanks and gratitude in prayer or meditation. Ask to be released from these cords and ask for joy and emotional freedom.

When you cut a spiritual energy cord it doesn’t mean that the relationship has ended forever. Once you free yourself from the draining life around you, your energy will change, and you will have a different affiliation with that person. You may find yourself thinking about their negativity less; your guilt may diminish because when you cut their cord, you are free, and so are they. After a few days, weeks, or months you will find joy and emotional freedom.

If you are an empath like me, you must keep doing this ritual until you feel the release and joy and emotional freedom enters your life.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back at Prue’s Place Daily on Monday.

Love you,

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